26 Ways to Use Dry Erase Markers in the Classroom

26 ways to use dry erase markers in the classroom
Very few school supplies get used in our classroom as much as dry erase markers do. So we were excited to start the school year off with our new favorite EXPO Dry Erase Ink Indicator markers this year. 
To say the kids love them is an understatement! If you know anything about teaching or classrooms, you can probably imagine the level of excitement that comes along with a marker where, "I CAN SEE THE INK!" (shouted in our best 'outside voice').

You can learn more about the EXPO Ink Indicator Markers here and see our initial review here

We make a big deal about responsibility and taking care of our dry erase markers so we can help them last as long as possible. From how to click the pen caps closed to how to store them properly in their desks, we teach them everything they need to know about how to manage their dry erase markers in the classroom. You can read all about our organization, storage and other Dry Erase Ideas for the Classroom here
Dry erase ideas for the classroom
We ask each student to bring 4 dry erase markers as part of their supply list to start off the school year. From time to time we run out of dry erase markers, so we ask families for donations if they are able and willing to help us out. We love the EXPO Ink Indicator pens because we know exactly how close we are to needing more. We just have them hold up their pens every once in awhile and do a quick class visual check of their ink levels. If we need some more, we send a quick note home for class donations.
Classroom supply request note

Our school went 'green' a few years ago, so saving paper is at the top of our planbooks. Dry erase markers and whiteboards are the perfect substitute for all those sheets of paper. We find tons of uses for them across the curriculum each day. 
Dry erase board ideas for math
We believe it is so important for students today to think deeply and have the ability to adjust their thinking as they learn. Dry erase activities during math help them see their problems, erase and adjust as needed.
Dry erase board ideas for science
During science, our class loves planning their STEM activities. We have them use dry erase boards to draw their plans. If Plan A doesn't work out, they just erase and move onto Plans B, C, D, and so on. They've learned that plans need to be flexible and EXPO dry erase markers allow them to be just that. 
Classroom management for substitute teachers
 Got a sub? We ask them to keep track of their Sub Superstars while we're away from the classroom. Nothing fancy, but the impact is huge! The kids want their names on that board. 😃
Classroom donations wish list idea
Table signs don't always have to be cute, color printed, laminated classroom storage items! Whiteboards and dry erase markers make the perfect, temporary table signs for whatever we need to announce! 
We find uses for dry erase markers and whiteboards every day in our classroom. Here are 26 ways from A to Z that we use EXPO Dry Erase with Ink Indicator pens in our classroom.
26 ways to use dry erase markers and whiteboards in the classroom
How do you use dry erase markers in your classroom? 
We'd love to know!

You can learn more about the EXPO Ink Indicator Markers here.  

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