100th Day of School

Hip, Hip, Hooray...It's FINALLY the 100th Day of School! Which we all know is "teacher code" for "More than halfway to summer!"100th Day of School lessons and activities
Here are a few of our favorite first grade ways to celebrate the 100th day.
100th Day of School crowns, coloring pages and more!
Everyone needs a party hat, so we created these 100th Day of School crowns for our class kings and queens. We leave one of our Hip Hip Hooray, It's the 100th Day desk mats at each of their places to greet them at the start of our 100th day. They love coloring them to kick off the 100th day of school!

100th day of school necklace. Practice counting by 10's and stringing up a 100th day of school snack at the same time!
Given a bag of cereal, some string, construction paper squares and a hole punch, you can literally keep them busy stringing 100th Day necklaces far into the 101st Day! We don't...But, you could...We give them enough time during our centers and provide plastic resealable bags for those who need more time (AKA to take it home). 
100th Day of School challenge...Who can write 100 words?
Writing 100 words is a week long challenge for our little 100 day olds. We enlarge the worksheet from our 100th Day Hoopla unit onto 11 x 17" copy paper. We make a huge deal about stepping up to the 100th Day of School Challenge of writing 100 words ~ 10 words per category. They don't believe they can do it, but they can and they do! We allow them to use our class word wall, spelling dictionaries, and any other place they can find 100 words! They love it and are so proud when they fill their 100 Words mat by the end of the week. We love telling them, "We knew you could do it!"
Dress like your 100 years old on the 100th Day of School
Write 100 words on the 100th Day of School. Students love this word writing challenge!
We keep a stash of 100 piece puzzles on hand for the week of the 100th Day of School. We realize this type of entertainment might be kicking it old school, but it gives our little oldies an opportunity to work together and exercise their 100 day old brains...Use it or lose it they always say! 
100th Day of School activities. Build a 100 piece puzzle.
My book of 100 for the 100th Day of School
What could you eat 100 of? 
What would you never wish you had 100 of? 
Our class giggles at their My Book of 100 as they write and illustrate the pages. Each page gives them a chance to think logically and imaginatively as they write all about the number 100. 
100th Day of School. My book of 100
100th Day of School creations
Our 100th Day of School home connection is to create a 100 item project. We usually give our families 2 weeks to come up with whatever they'd like! We encourage home found materials rather than making a trip to the store. We are amazed year after year at the creativity of our classes! 
100th day of school projects
100 Daysss of School Snake T-Shirt
100th Day of School creations

100 Olive Paper Pizza
100th day of school projects
100 Stick House
When the creations are made and returned to class, we spend time sharing them and writing all about how we created them. We hold a 100th Day Creation Museum and invite our 3rd Grade Study Buddies to come see our creations too.

Our 100th Day Hoopla keeps us busy learning with the number 100 before, during and after the 100th day of school. 
What's Included:
-100th Day of School Coloring Desk Mat
-100th Day of School Crowns
-100 Days Song Poster
-100 Days Song Fill-In
-100 Words Work Mat
-100th Day Creation Home Project Letter
-100th Day Creation "Table Tent"
-100th Day Creation Writing Project 
-5 100 Grid Puzzles
-1 Blank 100 Grid Puzzle (Make your own!)
-100 Days of Learning Class Book Cover/Bulletin Board Poster
-100 Days of Learning Writing Reflection with Primary Writing Lines 
-100 Days of Learning Writing Reflection with Upper Grade Lines
-My Book of 100
-Word Building with One Hundred worksheet
-4 Sets of Color Word Building Cards
-2 Sets of Black and White Word Building Cards

-Dress Like You're 100 Family Letters
-Dress Like You're 100 Writing Templates
100th Day of School dress like you're 100 years old family letteDressing like we're 100 years old is one of our absolute favorites! It's easy too...Especially if you skip the pantyhose! 
Once we're all gussied up, of course we're going to write about it! 
 100th Day of School writing. When I am 100 years old...We create 100 year old portraits out of construction and scrapbooking paper. We provide cotton balls for hair and they draw facial features with crayons or colored pencils. 
 100th Day of School writing. When I am 100 years old...
100th Day of School writing. When I am 100 years old...
We wrote about our futures with the following sentence frames.
When I am 100 years old, I will be ___.
I will have ___.
I may see ___.
It will or will not be fun.
100th Day of School writing. When I am 100 years old...
 100th Day of School writing. When I am 100 years old...
 100th Day of School writing. When I am 100 years old...
If you'd like to have your class dress like they're 100 and write about it, we've included our Dress Like You're 100 family letter and writing templates too. 
 100th Day of School writing. Dress like you're 100 years old family letter.
Happy 100th Day of School!
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