Thanksgiving in the Classroom

November is one of the fastest months of the school year for us, but it's still jam packed with meaningful learning and tons of fun! 
We work through our Interactive Story of the First Thanksgiving little by little all month long.

 We love using the Fact Finder Posters as a whole group activity. We read for meaning and highlight key information that we then use to guide our writing. Finally, we create a little craft to culminate each Thanksgiving lesson and add to our books. 

Our math lessons are focusing a ton on adding to 10 right now. We've created these monthly math games to help them with the concept. Turkeys on the Table will keep them adding through November. You can grab this free download {here}. 
Sight Word Turkey Trot keeps them reading those sight words...A much needed skill right now for our first graders! Amazing when given a basket and tongs how they will read anything! ;)
We are so thankful for our classroom volunteers. To say thanks, we make these turkey pots and fill them with seasonal candies or chocolates each year...Maybe some leftover Halloween candy, but you NEVER heard that from us. ;)
Here's our post on how to make your own Turkey Pots
Do you bake with your classroom? Baking pumpkin bread with our little turkeys is by far our favorite November classroom tradition. Here's how we make our Pumpkin Bread Turkeys

We love using Dr. Jean's Thanksgiving Bracelet activity each year.
We've created a few extension activities to go along with our Thanksgiving Story Bracelets. The kids really understand the story by the time we are done and it makes for a great school to home connection activity too. 
Here's a sneak peek at all of our Flutter Girl Faves for November...
Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your Interactive Thanksgiving story last year and I loved using it with my students. I can't wait to use it again this year. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing that with us Julie! It means so much. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your kiddos!
      ~Christy & Tammy

  2. I love the pumpkin bread idea....I've done pumpkin pie before, but I'm thinking bread may be easier/less messy? Hmmmm....I may try that this year instead!
    Practical Primary Teacher


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