Carson-Dellosa Treats for the Classroom

We had a fun opportunity to try out some great Carson-Dellosa products in October. Here's what we received...
We have a pretty high group of readers this school year. A few of our guided reading groups are ready to read longer texts that provide them opportunities to dig a lot deeper into their reading comprehension. Carson-Dellosa's Differentiated Reading for Comprehension is giving our readers a good challenge that moves our first graders into the next steps of reading. Though still a bit difficult for most of our class, these will come in handy as the year goes on. 
We love Brain Breaks! While we spend a ton of time on GoNoodle, we really needed something that was a little more portable for those times we're around campus...Waiting to head into the library, sitting patiently at assemblies, transitioning between Specials schedules...That sort of thing. These Curriculum Cut-Outs Brain Break cards were the perfect answer. With 36 different calming activities to choose from, we can choose from a wide variety of activities depending on what we need...Plus, they had the word "Calm" in the title which we loved for "obvious reasons". ;)
We punched a hole in our brain break cards and stuck them on a large binder ring, then hung it by our classroom door for grab and go brain breaks. We even hand them to parent volunteers to take with them if they're helping with class transport. :)
We've been adding and subtracting machines since the first day of school! We taped these Curriculum Cut-Outs: Ten Frames to the tops of their desks for easy reference and quick access. If they get stuck on a problem, it's not a problem...Just grab some counters and figure it out! 

Applying the Standards STEM Grade 1 
We admit...We are new to STEM and are in the process of transitioning the science curriculum in our district. Intrigued for awhile, but not sure where to start, we thought Carson Dellosa's Applying the Standards STEM edition for Grade 1 might help. We love the collaboration opportunity these easy to implement activities provide. We are working this into our weekly workshop rotation and are already finding the kids perk up with each new week's STEM activity. LOVE! 

Review Disclaimer: We participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received this product for free to review.
Fluttering Through First Grade

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