Teacher Week Day 3: Classroom Tour!

Our teaching philosophy is that education should be a positive experience which empowers children to feel successful and have good feelings about themselves and others, while taking responsibility for their own choices and actions.
We chose the colors green and blue several years back for our classroom color scheme and we haven't looked back since! They are such calming colors and they keep our wandering classroom shopping eyes focused. :)
We adore Sit Spots! With unpredictable and ever growing class numbers, they are perfect for us. Plus, no more tripping over the classroom rug (us, not them)!
We like to keep everything at the kids' fingertips. They have all their supplies on their table, books for quiet reading time, a trash bin and water bottles which you can see how we manage {here}.
Our Promethean Board was a welcome addition a few years back. We use it for everything, but one of our favorite times to use it is when we do our Listen Up activities. After working on their papers, they practically beg to listen so they can come up and show what they know on the big screen. It's been a great tool to keep our class focused!
Our classroom catch all...Mailboxes, class rules, Whale of the Week board, announcements, etc.
Best work board...
Our Word Center...
If you've been following our blog for awhile now, you know that our class fish tank is a highlight. It's a community building project at the beginning of the year, becomes one of our writing centers (they write notes to our fish), calms kids down when they need a little breather, and is just an all around one of our favorite spots in our classroom. 
We snagged these handmade jellyfish from near disposal after last year's Book Fair to add to our ocean themed classroom. Score!
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  1. Love the desk setup! Especially the water bottles and supply bins! Nice!!! :)

  2. Love the fish tank! I want to get one in my classroom, soon!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you ladies get them water bottles. I MUST do this!!
    The jellyfish rock!
    If we taught together we could enjoy a fabulous space TOGETHER! It wouldn't be bad for the kids to have 3 teachers, right?

  4. Love the pics of your class! The aquarium looks great!


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