Editable Student Spelling Dictionaries

One of our favorite classroom tools is our Student Spelling Dictionaries! They build responsibility in our students' writing all year long. Here's a Throwback Thursday post  from last school year all about them.  
Our kids learn quickly that we have a class "My Writing Words Rule" that never bends...
If you don't see a word, you can ask the teacher, parent volunteer, aide (or whichever other adult is armed and ready with mad spelling skills and a pencil) to write the word in your dictionary ONE time. After that, you own it and you cannot ask. :)
Sometimes we also just spell aloud for the kids and have them write it.  
From time to time, a few friends ask for a word that is already in their dictionary...Ugh...We know.
In that case, we have them highlight the word so they "never lose it ever again". ;)

We're still deciding which cover to use this year, but it will definitely be ink friendly. We love using the bright colored card stock or construction paper and letting the kids color their own covers. It's a great beginning of school time filler fine motor skills lesson (stay in the lines!), listening and following directions practice, and kills time gives them some much needed down time after their summer soiree. 
We've got BIG news for you! 
We've received lots of requests for adding, deleting, or changing certain words in our My Writing Words Spelling Dictionary.
So here's the deal...
You can do it yourself!
That's right...
We've added an Editable version to our Student Spelling Dictionaries so you can add, delete, or change the A to Z pages to meet your own class needs.
Got a reading program word list that has to be in the book?
Do it!
Got a district who makes you use their words?
Add them!
Want to personalize and add your class names?
By all means!

My Writing Words Interactive Spelling Dictionaries also include motivational mats and activities that we use in Workshop all year long. We introduce an activity a week for the first 9 weeks of our program. Eventually, we leave all 9 activities available for the taking because, well, like us, kids like choice! Please note: The motivational mats and interactive activities are not editable.

Please visit our TpT Shop to update this purchase if you own this file. The editable version is there for you! 
To find out more and to download the full preview including a FREE interactive activity and Spelling Styles cards please click below.
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  1. I used to buy these from another company years ago. They were handwritten.

  2. I used to buy these from another company years ago. They were handwritten.


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