Spa Mom and Tie-Rific Dad Together At Last! Mother's Day and Father's Day Craft Bundle

Spa Mom and TiE-Rific Dad sitting in a tree...
 Spa Mom and TiE-Rific Dad are snuggling up this year in our new Mother's Day and Father's Day craft bundle! We fell in love with both of these projects last year, so figured we should just make their adoration official. :)
 Spa Mom was a huge hit last year and we can't wait to introduce her to this year's bunch! Our kids loved them...Moms loved them...And, teachers loved them too! Here's a few fabulous feedbacks about Mom...

Mother's Day always sneaks up on us right after Spring Break, so we are excited to be ready and prepped early this year!
 And, we couldn't forget about Dad, so we created TiE-rific Dad to escort the lady...We mean follow up for Father's Day. He was a big hit too. Here's a few feedbacks on our Top Dad...
Although Father's Day falls after school is out, we really can't forget about Dad, so this is the perfect last week of school {What on Earth are we going to do!?} activity.  We just tell the kids to hide them until Dad's Day. 
 E-SPA-cially for Mom and TiE-rific Dad are now bundled together in a Mother's Day and Father's Day Craft Giftivity set. Snag them both and save!
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  1. These are just fantastic, something I haven't seen before and love at first sight :)


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