Snowmen, Snowflakes and Snowballs...Oh My!

Winter is one of our favorite seasons in the classroom
From snowmen to snowflakes, snowballs to snow days...
We love winter! :)

Some of the first activities of the new year come from our Snowtastic Snowman unit.

Here's What's Included:
Step by Step lesson for Snowman Directed Draw
How to Build a Snowman Brainstorming Page
How to Build a Snowman Rough Draft Page
How to Build a Snowman Final Copy Page
Snowman Cards 1-99
Snowman Pile Up Game
Base-10 Blizzard Game
Snowman Before and After

We also focus our winter Workshops around the story Snowmen at Night. This is one of our all time favorite children's books, so of course we had to create Booktivities to go along with the story.
Our class had a blast with Shape Elf before winter break, so we're reviewing our 2-dimensional shapes learning with Shape Snowman in January.
Post winter break, it's an addition avalanche in our class. They need to learn their math facts! So, we'll also be working on our Add-a-Snowman activity from our Frosty in First Grade Centers for the Season pack. 

Who doesn't love a snowball fight? You can see {here} how us 
So Cal Gals do it and grab a freebie to go along for your own indoor snowball fight.
Snow disguised as shaving cream (Dollar Store) is an all time favorite class activity this time of year. It is the perfect medium for spelling, practicing addition and subtraction equations, free doodling...Just about anything you can think of for them to do! Oh, and it cleans the tables too.

We found this snowman science activity the other day from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas and are excited to try it this year in our class.
It fits perfectly into our science curriculum for changing states of matter. We will predict, perform, and process a class experiment to see how long it takes for the solid to change to a liquid...AKA for Frosty to melt away. Do you want to build melt a snowman? 

We whipped up these experiment pages to go along with our own snowman melt in class. Ideally,we would run the experiment for 5 days, but of course that depends upon where the snowman sits and how fast it takes him or her to melt...But, for the 5 day goal, we created this experiment worksheet. They will observe, draw and write each day as our snowman changes. 
But, we like to give ourselves options for differentiation...
Sooo in case you can't swing the 5 day melt away, we've simplified it to before, during and after the experiment is conducted. Take your pick. :)
You can grab these Snowman Melt science worksheets for free by clicking the butterfly below. Enjoy!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. LOVE your SNOWMAN Science Experiment! I am going to do that because I know my kids will LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing your worksheets too!


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