Mastering the Teachers Pay Teachers Basics ~ Meet the 2014 TpT Presenters!

We're excited to join a few of this summer's Teachers Pay Teachers Conference Presenters in a Meet the Presenters Blog Hop! 

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Just over two years ago, the US economy was still shaky at best and our job share teacher half paychecks just weren't "cutting it" as they once were.
We were faced with the harsh reality that after 10 years together, our job share may be headed for teacher divorce...
It was a really hard time both personally and professionally, but as the saying goes...
When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
One day,in the midst of it all, Teachers Pay Teachers literally fell into our laps...
It was truly an answered prayer...
A fortune cookie come true...
A blessing when we needed it most.

Having created our own teaching materials for our entire careers,
we were intrigued and immediately jumped in with four feet...Together. 
Ready to learn all we could...
And, we learned beyond our wildest imaginations.
We recently stumbled upon one of our very first TpT product covers (left) on Pinterest...We've come a long way. HA!

About two weeks into our journey, Tammy scribbled these words randomly onto a post-it note next to her computer one day...
That was over two years ago...We believed we had found our destiny in Teachers Pay Teachers...And boy, were we right!
What an amazing journey it's been so far!

To be selected as one of the presenters at the first ever Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers Conference means much more to us than just a Vegas gig. :) 

We're SO excited to meet you and share some Hot Tips for making the most out of your TpT journey, wherever you may be along the way.
We're not going to lie...
We're also absolutely elated to spend a weekend away with some of the BEST teachers and friends this universe has to offer and meet some new friends in person too. 
One thing we never anticipated joining this journey was the friends we'd make along the way...

Whether you're heading to Vegas or living vicariously through your electronic devices, we've created a few items to help any seller master the Teachers Pay Teachers basics. 
You can grab our Conference Sampler freebie in our TpT Shop now. 
If you're a Premium Seller on TpT (super easy to upgrade if you're not yet), and you're still on the fence about going...
GO! GO! GO! 
You can still register and you will be so glad you did.
Ready to meet another Supercharged TpT Conference Presenter?
Click below to meet Erica Bohrer over at Erica's Ed-Ventures!
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Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. It will be so fun to hang out again girls!!! Congrats!!!
    Teaching and Much Moore

  2. Wish I was going to be there! Thanks for the freebie!

    The Math Maniac

  3. YAY!!! Can't wait to see you girls present!!! :)

  4. Your presentation looks amazing and you will rock it. I can't wait to meet you both for real!!!!
    Emma :)

  5. Have a great time! Thank you for the wonderful set of marketing sheets and tips!

  6. Love ya and can't wait to see ya :) xox

  7. So excited! :)

    My Clever Endeavors


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