Sliding Through Summer ~ Skills Review Booklet for Off Season Learners

We take our summer sliding very seriously...
We put our best foot forward and try our very best to keep from slipping off the summer slide. 
But, us teachers know how this story goes...
Kids slip and slide all over the summer.
Sometimes, we slip off the summer slide...
And forget all that we learned...
These are the times we remind our teachery selves...
Those apples don't fall too far from those trees. ;)
Fortunately for our first grade families, we will not let them slip off the summer slide come the end of our school year.
We've worked too hard to stop now! 
Who says we have to stop anyways?
Oh yeah, summer...
Yeah, we get it.
But, we've got just the thing to keep them motivated to learn in the off season ~ AKA Summer!
Our goal with this booklet was to keep it simple, keep it fun and keep them motivated for a little summer learning. 
We've hidden the learning in a fun weekly schedule that we know will keep kids motivated.
We've included 3 Booklet Cover Options ~ Full Color, Ink Friendlier and Black and White. 
The back cover is a "Responsibility Record" to help parents keep their kiddos motivated and on track. They can draw happy faces, stars, use little stamps or stickers...Whatever works! But, as Moms we know these little things help keep kids on track, so we've included it for our summer home schoolers and their teachers. 
We usually opt for the black and white ourselves around this time of year. You could have them color their cover.
Or, you could be lazy smart like us and just copy the cover onto colored paper. We used construction paper, but cardstock works great too. 
This entire booklet is 11 pieces of paper (cover included) copied back to back, and includes 6 weeks of Summer Skills Review! :) Our goal was to keep the copying down at this time of year. But, parents ask for work over the summer and we are happy to oblige. We just cannot copy oodles of packets for each of our students. But, 11 pieces of paper copied back to back...We can afford that. 
We've included detailed directions for how to copy this booklet so it comes out just right...Just copy, fold, staple and send! 
Ours are already done and we still have a good 5 weeks of school to go. HA! They will be the perfect addition to our end of the year gift buckets. 
What's Included
Detailed Directions for Assembly and Use
3 Booklet Cover Options
Full Color
Ink Friendly
Black and White (can be copied onto colored paper or white paper for student coloring)
Family Letters
Incentive Award
6 Weeks of Daily Summer Skills Practice
Are you as ready for summer as we are? 
Bring it on!
Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. These look amazing! It is so important for kids to do something over the summer.

    The Math Maniac

    1. We totally agree Tara! We're hoping this lil booklet will be a fun way to retain all the fabulous things they've learned all year and keep them sliding only on the Slip-n-Slides and not in their knowledge!
      ~Christy & Tammy

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  3. This looks like it would be perfect and so much fun too! :)

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  5. I can't figure out how to down this product. It looks great!

  6. Will you do this for Kindergarten? It's perfect!


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