GoNoodle...Brilliant Brain Breaks for the Busy Classroom

 We first grade teachers are always looking for ways to keep our class learning while giving them much needed break time...They are still kids after all...Plus, the old cliche "Pay Now or Pay Later" comes to mind. In other words, if we don't let them wiggle, they will wiggle their way right out of our lesson by the time lunch is done.

Our friend Kelley over at Teacher Idea Factory really uses her Noodle. As we say, she's got Big Brains!

A few weeks back, she blogged about a website she stumbled upon called GoNoodle. You definitely should read her post {here}. After checking it out for ourselves, we were pretty much sold immediately. It has transformed our classroom in the best way!

 GoNoodle has given us a one stop shop for brain breaks that our first graders so desperately need in our classroom.

NO joke! We turned around and caught them (sorry for the bad pic)...The Worm followed. NO joke! Our boys are loving it!

We think the best part about GoNoodle for our students is growing our Classroom Champ. It's a feature where we get to choose an avatar, and each time we log physical activity time our class critter grows bigger!
You can only imagine the whoops and hollers that occur when our Champ exits the Transmogrifier. They love the challenge!
GoNoodle has got us teachers moving too. This may be our new exercise regime. We were doing Zumba in a dress and boots the other morning...We've also found ourselves kicking into Choreographer, attempting to get them synchronized. 
"And a 5,6,7,8!"
They just laugh...Apparently we are not on Dancing with the Stars...

GoNoodle has been such a welcome addition in our classroom.
The kids beg for it. 
We barter..."Oh, you want to GoNoodle? Well I'd love to see the best printing possible and quiet, concentrated work time." And they do it! The week before Spring Break...They did it!
It's quick.
It's easy. 
And, it's exactly what the doctor ordered for our Spring Fever!
Here's a few of our current favorites.
They will make you laugh too...Wiggle It, then let us know. :) 
You can 'heart' your favorites to add them to your Favorites List, which is perfect for our job share so we can see which ones have been successful. 
Working smarter, not harder. 

Are you ready to GoNoodle? Visit their website {here} to get started for FREE. You can also find the GoNoodle logo on our sidebar and click from there...

Your kids will thank you too for using your Noodle...
Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. I've been using GoNoodle for about two weeks. So glad I read about it on a blog...it has been great!


  2. Do you know where to find the "Count to 100 and exercise" video? It was removed from YouTube.

  3. We are LOVING it too! So awesome. :)


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