A Bath Salt Station Tutorial e-SPA-cially for Mom...Spa Mom Mini Makeover!

We know a lot of Moms will be smiling this Mother's Day when their kiddos deliver a handmade Spa Mom craft E-SPA-cially for them! These things are so fun to make! 
So, we made a Spa Mom Posse...
And, we made a Teachers Pay Teachers Freebie to go along with it...
We had a very SPA-cial helper flutter in (Spa robe and all...We love it!) to help prep some samples for us last weekend...
As we were chatting, we decided Spa Mom really needed a little something more to go with her...
You know to make her a total package and all...

So we decided to teach our class how to make bath salts to go along with Spa Mom as part of their Mother's Day gifts this year.
Here's How
Obviously it depends upon the size of jars you are using, but our pint size canning jar took about 2 cups of mixture when we were done. To stretch the ingredients, we added equal parts epsom salts and baking soda. We left a line for numbers 1 and 4, so you can add in your own class measurements depending upon the size jars you use. From all the extensive research we did for this project, there really doesn't seem to be an exact science to making bath salts...So, don't worry too much about the perfect measurement...See..Kid Friendly! :)

We've added this Kid Friendly Bath Salt Gift Making Station Freebie to our TpT Shop...
Materials Needed
We found everything at the 99 Cents Only StoreMichaels Craft Stores, made it ourselves or had it donated to our class.

*Epsom Salt 
*Baking Soda 
*Soap Dye/Coloring (soap making section...Skin Friendly!)
*Essential Oils (soap making section)
*Glass Jars
*1 Cup Dry Measuring Cup
*1/2 Cup Dry Measuring Cup
*Funnel for Jar Pouring
*Jar Decor
*E-SPA-cially for Mom Gift Tag
Kid made...Spa Mom (and regular Moms) approved!
We've also just updated our E-SPA-cially for Mom Mother's Day Giftivity to include our international friends...Or maybe Spa Mom is hinting that she wants to travel the world...Like Flat Stanley! Only not flat and not named Stanley...Imagine the possibilities and Instagram photos! :)
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