Habitats of the World Bundle...Plus, A Habitat Book Cover Freebie

We celebrated the 100th Day of School last Friday. 
In our teacher minds this really means only 1 thing...
Only 80 days until summer!!! to teach our largest science study of the school year!
This has slowly become our favorite part of the school year, but the idea of teaching 5 habitats was definitely enough to make us feel seasick a few years ago when our District moved this curriculum to first grade.

But, not anymore! 
We've got our passports ready and our itineraries set. 
Our class is ready and we're not stressed!

Yep, that's right...
We're taking our class Around the World in 80 Days!
Apparently, in a box...Teacher budgets are tight ya know...HA!
 We spend anywhere from a 1-2 weeks on each habitat unit of study, but could go longer if we didn't have to catch our plane to the next stop! We immerse our class in habitat learning by incorporating the activities into our whole and small group time. Since they span the curriculum, we can use them during Language Arts, Science, during Workshop or whenever else we can squeeze it in throughout our day.  

Each of our habitat units follows the same itinerary, which quickly sets our class up for success. Without having to learn new directions and procedures or having adapt to totally different activities, we've kept the scope and sequence the same, just jumped ship to another part of the world. We find this frees the kids up to actually learn the content rather than the procedure for learning the content. Working smarter, not harder. We love that! 

Each of our Habitat Units Includes
*List of Common Core Standards for the unit
*16 Vocabulary Cards
*1 Blank Bingo Card Master
*5 Pre-made Bingo Cards
*Habitat Vocabulary Definitions
*1 Habitat Mini (8 page) Book
*Print and Go Fact Finders Page
*1 Definition Print and Go Worksheet
*1 Vocabulary Sentence Print and Go Worksheet
*Draw and Label Habitat Print and Go Worksheet
*Habitat Brainstorm and Final Draft Pages
*Habitat Art Project
We've recently bundled all 5 of our habitat units together for the price of 4. 
Plus, just because we are loving that summer is 80 days away you, we've thrown them on sale through Friday! 

Here's a peek at some of the elements included in each unit. 
Our Top Seller...
Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Vocabulary!! Oh, and Art!
More Habitat Art!
Vocabulary and Picture Cards for Games!
Expository Brainstorming and Writing Process Templates
Non-Fiction Interactive Habitat Readers to help guide us through each unit from start to finish!
They're packed with habitat facts and age appropriate information.
We practice our reading comprehension and main detail highlighting strategies as we learn the lay of the land.
They become experts in no time!

We've received a ton of questions about our Habitats of the World books. Well, here's your chance. Take a peek inside our suitcase and see what we've got inside!
After our long trek around the world, we take all of their final writing pieces and art and bind them into a keepsake 
Habitats of the World book. They absolutely love it!

We display them at our Open House in May, where our entire classroom is pretty much A.A.H...All About Habitats. :)

As the kids learn, the teachers file. We sort their final habitat writing and art pages as we go so we don't look like stressed out rodents (see above...or this sounds weird).
We got really smart a few years back, and had them create the  Habitats of the World book covers during Earth Week in April. Duh...We know. It really fits perfectly and we get the covers done well in advance of Open House night.
 We are Type A creative and make them color the title in rainbow order.
 We got really smart a few years back, and had them fold their colored cover and cut a wavy line across the middle to cut the pieces in half.
 We are Type A creative and wanted a stripe in the background. You see it too? Duh...We know.
We are Type A creative givers and sharing our Habitats of the World book cover and Earth template with you free.  


To take a closer look at each of our habitat units and our Habitats of the World Bundle or grab any of them on sale until Friday...
Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. Juuuuust adorable and SMART. Habitats are my FAAAAAvorite thing to reach! Love it all!

  2. this is awesome! I remember your post at the end of the year with your classroom looking all African-amazing!! Must add these to my wish list!!!

  3. omgosh...I LOVE this!! I think I need the whole BUNDLE! Love it!
    Teacher by the Beach

  4. Hi Ladies, With which unit does the rain stick belong? I could hunt each unit, but I was hoping you could tell me before time travel by. . . . . Where did you order the cardboard sticks to build the rain sticks?

    Thanks, Terri

    1. Hi Terri~
      The rain sticks are not in any of our habitat units. They go with our Africa unit that we teach (not a product yet). We sandwich it between rain forest and savanna. We order the tubes from Uline. In the past, we've asked parents for used wrapping paper tubes but they are getting harder to find and don't hold up as well as the Uline ones. Hope this helps!
      ~Christy & Tammy


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