Throwback Thursday ~ Stickerboard Style

Throwing it back to you, while we're throwing back as much summer as we can. The countdown is on people! We must squeeze every morsel of sunshine in before the school bell tolls.

But, we've had a few midsummer nightmares about our new batch of firsties in recent weeks...Which can really only mean one thing. We are further from the end of school and closer to the beginning. Ouch. That hurts to even type... 

We are dreaming of things like wild lines where nobody stands straight...And, shouting out in class over and over...and over again. 
And, it worries us. 
We need control. 
The upper hand, if you will...
So, we thought this throwback would help us stay in peaceful summer slumber.
Maybe it will help you too, because it really does work like a charm in our class all year long. 

And, it may even throw you back to your own sticker collection as a kid. You know...The puffies, smellies, and googly eyes? We all had them. Loved them. Some of us still do...

Here's an oldie, but goodie from not so long ago...Enjoy!

Originally Posted September 21, 2012
Stick to Good Behavior
Even after 15 years of teaching first grade, we are constantly rethinking our behavior management system. What may have worked last year, doesn't quite pack the same punch this year. But suddenly, that circa 1999 teaching trick we thought we retired along with our potato sack dresses works like a charm! Kids are funny that way...unpredictable.

But, we have found one thing has stayed pretty predictable over the years ~
 Kids LOVE stickers!
Kids LOVE to collect stickers!

We start each school year by giving our students their own Sticker Board. We print them on construction paper or card stock for durability. They keep them in their desks, and whenever we're working in our seats, they know to take these puppies out. They place them on the corner of their desk because someone (that's us!) is always watching. We catch them left and right and have loads of stickers for the taking!
With Common Core in full force, we added 10 Frames to our Sticker Boards this year. should hear the math flying each time they get a sticker. Music to our ears! 
"I just got my 6th one! That means I only need 4 more!"
"I just filled up 10 plus 5 more. That's 15!"
A+ +
We're really glad we added the 10 Frames! Who knew?
Dare we say, thank you Common Core?!? 

Older students may not need the 10 Frames so much, so we made this blank option as well.

The 10 Frames Sticker Board is set up to collect 20 stickers. The blank board can be set at any goal you choose. In past years, we've increased the goal to higher numbers as the year goes on. 

Once our Friends collect their 20 (or however many) stickers, they are responsible for writing numbers next to each of their stickers, then turning it in for a trip to our class Trash Treasure Chest. We use the term "treasure" lightly, but to them it is super treasury. Mostly made up of donated fast food toys, cleaned out junk drawer goodies from former students, Mom deliveries of "please take it, I can't take the mess anymore!" and really anything *free* we can throw in there that they would like. They dig for the perfect prize!
 It definitely gives new meaning to 
"One person's trash, is another person's treasure."

Stickers are given out by the teacher, parent volunteers, or we keep a "Sticker Station" in our class where we invite kiddos to pick their own when they earn it.
 They love this, but we've learned over the years that some love it more than others. A little too much love, as in lingering love at the sticker tub...
So, what do us teachers do when little ones find the loopholes? We make more rules! Hahahaha.
We have a rule in our class when picking a sticker...
Take 2 from the tub (no peeking)
Take a look at both of them
Keep the 1 You Want to Keep
Put the Other 1 Back for a Friend

It's worked really well for us over the years, and
we're happy to share our Sticker Boards with you!

Click {HERE} to grab yours for free. 

Then, be sure to head back over to Cara and The First Grade Parade for more Throwback Thursdays.


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  1. This is adorable! Such a great idea. Thanks for the freebie, too!

  2. Cute idea! The simplest things are always the best!


    What Happens in First Grade

  3. This is wonderful! When I saw it all I could think of was why didn't I think of that?. Last year I had 4 students that worked on 10 frames all year. I'm printing this out on neon paper & starting immediately. Thank you!!

  4. Such a cute idea! I am a new follower! Love your blog!
    Rockin' in Resource Room


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