Size DOES Matter...

Well, that's a blog post title we never imagined needing to write...
 What you are witnessing our teacher friends is super sleuth detective work a crisis a minor issue...
Blame it on the unlucky number in the year 2013,
Corporate cutbacks, 
or the world plotting against teacher summer sanity, 
but late the other night, we made a Back to School discovery...
Most of the two-pocket 2013 folders out there have shorter inside pockets this year! Shorter by exactly 1 inch, to be exact. 
And, YES we absolutely measured. 
Sure, we got some funny looks from the employees.
We ignored them...This is serious teacher business.
Don’t they know us teachers rely on these things!?! 
That's okay...
Not to worry…
We've updated the printing cards, coin cards, and number word cards on all of our Homework Folders so they now fit ALL 2 pocket folders from Target to Timbuktu. Seriously...If these stores make their pockets any smaller, we will no longer have folders folks. And, at that point we'd like to request a meeting with whomever makes these pocket shrinking decisions. Just for the record, we hauled our rulers to Office Depot, Walmart and Target. And, no we did not slap anyone on the wrists with them.

We've also resized the printing cards, coin cards and fraction cards in our Folders for Olders. 
 These elements were resized to NOW fit ALL two folder pockets!  Please update your downloads under My Purchases on TpT today!

While we were at it...
We added 5 more Homework Folder themes, plus 1 more Folders for Olders for the coming school year. 

Click any of the pics below to take a closer look.
Our latest...

Homework Folder for your Sporty Students

for your class cowboys and cowgirls!

Plus, for our older friends...

That's a grand total of 20 folders folks...
And,truth be told we're having a hard time deciding which ones to use this coming year. 
We've always been Under the Sea gals, but now with Surf's Up and All Star Class, we.just.don't.know!!
 Maybe we'll give them a choice. 
That way they have nobody to blame but themselves if they hate homework ownership in their own homework and pride in their folder...Amazing what a little 20 folders folder can do.

While we're deciding, we've just put ALL 20 Homework Folders on Flash Sale in our TpT Shop for you. 
Today 8/3 and Tomorrow 8/4 ONLY 
get any of our Homework Folders 
Homework Folders for Olders 
for 20% Off.

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. I haven't picked up my folders yet this year. If I wasn't teaching in the lab this year I would be all about your homework folders. Lovely!

    I'm thinking the smaller size *might* suit my storage problem this year. I'll think positively!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  2. Wow! Who even knew that could be a decision?? Thanks for letting us all know and working so hard on your products for us!

    The Craft of Teaching

  3. Whoa... weird about the new folder measurements! :/ Smart that you figured it out so early! :D

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade


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