America the Beautiful *Freebie* Facelift!

Nothing like Just like they retrofitted the Statue of Liberty many, many years ago, we've given a MUCH needed facelift to our 
Freebie on TpT.

America looks darn good for 237, but our old unit...Not so much.
 We've updated the fonts and clip art with some of our favorites.

All the activities are the same, but cuter...
We can admit when we need a little work done. 

Word Cards

Little Book 

Word Building

America is our first Social Studies unit when we return to school in the Fall, so we're checking this off our list before we hit the beach, BBQ and fireworks tomorrow.

Need something to teach your students about American Symbols too?

Click the pic to grab it from our TpT Shop!
Happy Birthday America!!

And, Happy 4th of July Friends!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. I've been looking for something REALLY cute for the 4th and this is it! ADORABLE! Thanks so much for the freebie and taking the time to update it. Have a great 4th! :)

  2. This is awesome! Adding it to my US Symbols unit for sure!
    Thank you,

  3. Thank you so much for making this freebie available. Our preschoolers loved learning about American symbols this year. I'm excited to be able to add to this our unit!


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