5 for Friday...Finally!

We adore this Linky, and we adore our friend Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching! What we don't adore is the fact that we haven't had even 5 minutes to link up in the past few weeks. Plus, we had this post ready to go yesterday, but it was Fried Day, so here it is on Saturday.

Anyone else on the sink or swim plan these days? 
We're doggy-paddling at the moment...But, we're still afloat!

Here's our 5...Finally!  
 Is there a cure for Spring Fever? 
With the warmer weather comes wild behavior. 
Namely in the form of chit chatting constantly
We feel like a broken record...

"Please be quiet."
"Please close your mouths."
"Zip-a-Dee Doh Dah."
"If you can hear my voice touch your head."
"If you can hear my voice touch your knees."
Oh Puh-lease!!

We've resorted to throwing balls. 
Get your minds out of the gutter...We're teachers!
 We found these crazy, light up balls at Target the other day. Kids love these balls. We don't get it, but we pretend to. Well, they do light up and you can squish them practically until they look like they're going to burst...Oh! And, they light up... 
Okay, maybe we get it.

This week, we pulled them out and waited until they were super chit chatty. It took 4.3 seconds from the time we stopped talking. Then, we asked {all overly excited}, 
"Who wants a ball?"
"Who wants a ball?" 
Of course they wanted one. 
Of course...
So we complied
Those that caught them thought they were the King of the Hill, Queen of the Castle, Top Dogs. 

Chests puffed out, we said, "Great! You'll all be our first group of sharers!" 

Jaws dropped a little, but we made it fun grabbing the empty basket and allowing them to try and make a basket as they shared. They ate it up! Plus, they were pretty quiet for over 4 minutes and that was worth having balls pelted at us. Plus, they light up.   
 Not sure what we did to deserve this, but for a whole 6 hours straight, 2 days in a row we found ourselves teaching over the noise of running cement mixers right across the street from our classroom. 

We now know there are two things that do not mix...Boys and Learning when there are cement mixers MIXING CEMENT across the street. Sorry...We're not yelling at you, but we need to talk loudly or you won't hear us over the mixer
So, what you can see is our classroom door open and the mixer mixing. What you may not be able to see are the two boys whose teachers finally told them to "pull up a chair and enjoy the show". We'd lost them hours ago anyways...They looked at us like we were absolutely crazy the best teachers in the world. 
Technology Vs. Woman...
 It hasn't won yet...But, we're doggy-paddling.
We've hit a few bumps and it has completely torn up changed the front of our classroom in the middle of the Spring Fever Epidemic and Cement Mixer Madness, but it's all good. We're getting a few finishing touches to fix up that ugly black brick, but the kids are loving our new technology.
 It's a wonderful carrot tool to dangle learn with.
 Birthday Treats ~ As if we can take anymore distractions, we also celebrated our birthdays in class. They fall 3 days apart. No, we didn't make that up. They have fallen 3 days apart since the days we were born. Really. 
So, our amazing room parents and class helped us celebrate Tammy's birthday on a Friday and Christy's on a Monday.  
If you're good at math, that's 
1 teacher party + 1 teacher party = 1 super excited class. 
 But, honestly soooo sweet. We got lunch and flowers and dessert. 
It was so nice.

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  1. Oh wow! I don't know how I'd be able to teach above the cement mixers. Enjoy your new technology and Happy Birthday to both of you!
    First Grade Funtastic

  2. Classic post . . . balls and cement mixers . . . OMG what a week! Hugs and birthday wishes :) Love ya ladies.

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  3. I'm so glad my kids aren't the only non-stop chit-chatters. I guess it's just that time of year, but I am so over it. :/ Ball throwing...here we come! :)
    First Grade Wolves

  4. Happy Birthday to you both! This post was a doozy, I'm still laughing!

  5. Aww!! Happy bday to some of my sweet bloggy besties! I hope it was amazing...it sure looks like they spoiled you both - which you deserve btw. I can so relate to the little chit chatting monsters I mean angels. :o) It's almost summer!!!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  6. Mystery box! Sounds like fun!

  7. Thanks for the chance to win the mystery box. Your blog is cute!

  8. The Mystery Box is such a great giveaway!!! Just the kind of excitement we need this time of year! :)

    The Price of Teaching

  9. Great giveaway idea! Excited!! Here comes ball throwing in my class tomorrow! Thanks for idea-mine will not be quiet for 5 minutes. Nice to know it is not just mine that will not be quiet.

  10. Spring fever is happening in New Hampshire too! Love that you just went with the mixing trucks and let them enjoy -- you are the best ;) That is what kids will remember and ultimately inspire them to be better learners! Love your blog!! :) Happy belated birthdays too!


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