The World Didn't End, So Teach About It We Must...

Well, we feel like we've given the Mayans and Nostradamus ample response time to end the world and so far they've got nothing!

In the words of Tammy's 5 year old nephew...Phewf

So, since the world is sticking around for hopefully another billion zillion years or so, we'll have to continue learning about it in class.


Which is actually a good thing. 
Not only that the world is sticking around...
But, also because we adore teaching our class about Habitats!

It's tough though...
We know that hands-on, experiential learning is the best.
And honestly, if we could pack them all up and backpack around the world for a few months we totally would...But, for some reason our Field Trip Department has a hard time approving this one?!? 
So for now, we will bring the world to them...

Did you really think we could handle backpacking around the world with 22 first graders?!
You can see {here} how it all culminates in our classroom for Open House in May (Phewf), but our Habitats learning will just be kicking off when we return from our winter hibernation break in just a few short days! 

With the arrival of Winter, it seems only natural that our first stop is the Polar Habitat
 By immersing our class in academic vocabulary, they become Polar Pros in no time! 

Many ask how such young children can learn such high level vocabulary?
Our answer...
Because we teach them!
There really is no better feeling than hearing young ones sounding so scholarly...
"We're going to migrate to recess now."

"Can you please turn the AC down? It's like Antarctica in here!"
It warms our frosty hearts!

What's Included:
*List of Common Core Standards
*16 Polar Vocabulary Cards
*1 Blank Bingo Card Master
*5 Pre-made Bingo Cards
*Polar Vocabulary Definitions
*1 Polar Mini (8 page) Book
*Fact Finders Page
*1 Polar Definition Worksheet
*1 Polar Vocabulary Sentence Worksheet
*Snowy Sentences Activity
*Polar Scramble Worksheet
*Polar Writing Brainstorm Page
*Polar Writing Final Draft Page
*Polar Penguin Art Project

Next stop...The Pond!
Designed much like Polar, the kids hop in with two feet first because they know what to expect! 
Being that we have so much land to cover, we don't have a lot of time to spend teaching brand new activities. 
The kids feel super successful when they know how to do something before it's been introduced, and we love saying things like, 
"Remember how you did this in the Polar Habitat"...
They nod in compliance...
"Great! Go do it in the Pond!"...
Wait, that did not come out right...
You know what we mean!! Ahhh...

Like Polar, The Pond Habitat Includes:
*List of Common Core Standards 
*16 Pond Vocabulary Cards
*1 Blank Bingo Card Master
*5 Pre-made Bingo Cards
*Pond Vocabulary Definitions
*1 Pond Mini (8 page) Book
*Fact Finders Page
*1 Pond Definition Worksheet
*1 Pond Vocabulary Sentence Worksheet
*Levels of the Pond
*Levels of the Pond Worksheet
*Pond Brainstorm Page
*Pond Final Draft Page
*Pond Frog Art Project

After being cold and wet, we'll need to warm ourselves up a bit, so we'll make a complete polar shift and head to the Savanna!
This unit focuses on the Savanna Habitat of Africa, as we do a HUGE Social Studies African Adventure in the Spring!
You can read more about that one {here}.

The Savanna Safari Includes:
*List of Common Core Standards
*16 Savanna Vocabulary Cards
*1 Blank Bingo Card Master
*5 Pre-made Bingo Cards
*Savanna Vocabulary Definitions
*1 Savanna Mini (8 page) Book
*Fact Finders Page
*1 Savanna Definition Worksheet
*1 Savanna Vocabulary Sentence Worksheet
*Savanna Label Worksheet
*Savanna Brainstorm and Final Draft Pages
*Savanna Directed Draw Giraffe Art Project

As long as we're toasty warm, we'll stay that way as we dry up in the Desert Habitat
Like all the other habitats, our class will learn new academic vocabulary for the habitat, play games to reinforce the new words, read, write, and create a culminating art project for the habitat.

Desert Digs:
*List of Common Core Standards
*16 Desert Vocabulary Cards
*1 Blank Bingo Card Master
*5 Pre-made Bingo Cards
*Desert Vocabulary Definitions
*1 Desert Mini (8 page) Book
*Fact Finders Page
*1 Desert Definition Worksheet
*1 Desert Vocabulary Sentence Worksheet
*Desert Label Worksheet
*Desert Brainstorm and Final Draft Pages
*Desert Snake Art Project

So, pack your bags folks and let's hit the world because...
It's still here!

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 Happy New Year Friends! 


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  1. These look absolutely wonderful! You can tell you put so much effort into teaching about habitats. I love the turnout in the end! Can't wait to see pictures from this year!


  2. Hi~
    Love these idease! I just put all of the units of study in my cart. Love them! Great ideas!

  3. LOVING all of these habitat units. Totally perfect for our standards! (and adorable, too!)

    Happy New Year ladies!

  4. Hi ladies - your habitat units are great. I need to turn my habitat files into units someday. Just wanted to pop in and say happy new year friends. Hope 2013 is amazing for you gals! xoxo
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  5. It looks amazing and just what kids need to build deeper understandings. You are on top of your game friends. I hope this new year is filled with happiness for you.


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