To Feast or Not To Feast...That is the Question

We're still SO full of candy, but need to make some room because the feast wagon is pulling into town Peeps, and there's nothing we can do to hit the Emergency Brake! 
Seriously, NOvember!?! 

Actually, we have a confession to make...
We don't do feasts. 
We don't do turkey. 
We don't do mashed potatoes.
 We don't do pumpkin pie. 
We are incredibly thankful for our Kindergarten team because they check that HUGE undertaking right off our lists! 
Thank you, K
Feast Away

So, since the teachers turkeys are on strike in our classroom come this time of year, we came up with our own Thanksgiving project that has become an annual first grade tradition at our school...
We've been mixing, baking, and creating 
Pumpkin Bread Turkeys for going on 15 years now! 
It is one of our absolute favorites! 
 We mix.
 We bake.
We create.

Then, we write. 
It's not all fun and games, ya know? 

We give our thanks and apologies to Mr. Pumpkin Bread Turkey, because he too will become the unfortunate victim of the HOME Thanksgiving feast. They lick the can clean...or, so we're told. 
We don't feast in class...Remember?

But, we do make an extra batch for taste testing in class the following day. Plus, we need to double check our baking skills. 
We are not Betty Crocker, ya know?
We collect 12 ounce coffee cans for this project. We ask families to puh-lease clean them before sending them in. We need the lids too! 
We know what you're thinking...
Ladies, Ladies...YOU ARE CUH-RAZY!! 
There is no way I can get all those coffee cans! 

We've had a few close calls ourselves...
As in, don't you people drink vats of coffee like us overworked teachers?
Where, oh where are our cans?!?

In these caffeine-less class years, we have a few alternatives...

1. Collaborate with other teachers. If one of us gets droves of cans and the other is can-less, we share. That's what teachers do. 
We are not can hoarders. It's a group effort. :) 


2. Charge them! Seriously...We need our cans! We ask for a monetary donation and buy the coffee cans ourselves. 
CaN yOu SaY WiReD!?!? 
No, no...
We share with other caffeine craving teacher friends or deliver to our local food bank. They will use it and we are givers. The kids feel good about this too. The Smarty Pants in class make a connection that we are giving AND recycling! Yes, we are our little Friends...Yes, we are. 
AND, we're not feasting... :) 


3. We have found the mini bread loaf pans that you can grab at Dollar Stores, Craft Stores, or Target's Dollar Spot work great too! No, they do not have the round, plump turkey tummy but they are just as yummy!! 
We are firm believers in experiential hands-on learning, no matter how old the students. For some of our kids, they've never picked up a spoon, cracked an egg, poured sugar, or baked a thing in their short little lives! AND, yes we can meet Common Core Standards through these activities...creatively!
We're doing reading.
We're doing writing.
We're doing math.
We're doing science.
We're doing social studies.

We've just added our Pumpkin Bread Turkeys to our TpT Boutique.

Head over and get cracking, stirring, and baking this NOvember.
Your class will feast for years to come and you will be thankful you don't have to slice any turkey or slop any sweet potatoes...unless you like to of course! 

Happy Feasting Friends!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. That is a very smart and creative idea! I am trying to decide today to feast or not. You may have convinced me to NOt!
    First Grade @ Storybook Cafe

  2. You girls are too funny! AND super creative! Love the ideas! Thanks so much!

  3. When the month of November comes, the excitement with these holidays gets pretty much intense with the many things to celebrate on these last months of the year. And for your family, it's getting really rowdy with celebrations and preparations. Wish I could even join in on the fun.

  4. Wowza! I'm your 500th follower! I think the bread is a great, much lower maintenance idea. Love it!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?


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