Got Flashcards?

Two Dollar Trees, a bit of after work traffic, two starving kids in the back seat with loads of homework waiting until later,
And we've got them!
{insert hint of sarcasm...just in case you didn't catch it in our voice}

Thursday is Back to School Night for us - Better known to some of you as, "Meet the Teacher", "Parent Night" or "Summer's Done, Get Over It Night!". It is our chance to talk to BIG people. 
In little chairs.

 At Back to School Night, our parents receive a gift. 
From the heart. 
Aren't they all?
We grab a set of flashcards for each student at the Dollar Tree. 
Did we mention we had to go to two different stores tonight?
Oh, okay...
Just checking.
And, no we are not going to discuss the fact that we waited until the last minute and this is completely our own fault.
We will!
We usually hand these out at our parent conferences in October, but we decided to give them out early so families can start practicing. 

Having this idea is not the problem.

Having this idea last night at 9:30pm when we had to be at school at 7:30am is a bit of a problem.

Finding only 4 at one store (not getting them), traveling to another store several miles away to find only 16 (getting them), then returning to the first store to get the original 4 (got them!!)...Yep, problem!

We know what you're thinking...
The REAL problem is we only needed to buy 20!!
Please don't hate us...
We've gotten your emails. 
We feel your pain.
We actually have 21 students.
And, some of them are REALLY tall.
And, our classroom is small...or, we mean...cramped...we mean...little...
~Oh Geez~
Who are we kidding?
We know. We're lucky. 
You "30 Plussers" can hate.
In a nice way...please

We created labels for the flashcard boxes with a catchy phrase so they get the hint they understand why they are receiving this special gift. All gifts should come with a card right? It's proper etiquette! 
We print the labels on sheets that have 6 labels to a page. 
We used Avery #5164, but we admit...sometimes we just print them on plain old paper, chop them on our paper cutter, and good old fashion glue them on. We're so old school!

We stick the labels to the front of the box and add a binder ring to the hole in the package.
We encourage parents to punch holes in the top left corner of each flashcard and stick them on the ring.

They've got flashcards to go!
And presents! 
And, we're happy! 
Because they promise they are going to practice!

And, them?
Their faces are in shock.
We think this might be the best present they've EVER received!
They're speechless!
We're so happy!!!
{insert hint of sarcasm...just in case you didn't catch it in our voice}

Want to give your families a hint present too?
We changed our own label to say "student" instead of first grader to share with you!

Click any of the pics below to grab it *free* 
We created labels for addition, subtraction, 
multiplication and division.
Print the one that works best for you!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. VERY good idea. No matter how many times I mention, "You'll need a set of flashcards at home." - many simply refuse to get some. Totally doing this next year for Parent Information/Back-to-School Night... with my 30 KIDS!!!!!... not hating - just ridiculously jealous! :D

  3. If you think other teachers aren't going to like you:) then they're going to hate me! I only have 19 kids!! Yes, I feel lucky.
    Cute idea with the cards!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers


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