What We're Pinning Wednesday

  So, when we found this Link Up with Laura over at Kinder Kraziness, two thoughts crossed our minds ~
1.  Um...yeah
2.  Duh

Let's just say, we LOVE Pinterest. 
Well except the spelling...we keep typing Pintrest ~ That's how we say it. :-/
And apparently spell it. :-(
Uh, oh..Summer slide?
We know it's like interest ~ you pin what you're interested in...Duh

This is by far our favorite Pin of all only because it buys us a lot of Passes come football season in our homes.
{source unknown}
And let's just be real, even Pinterest is sort of a fantasy. 
Are we really going to accomplish ALL that we pin? 
You would have to bury us in a dungeon for the next 250 years, we think.
But, one can fantasize...And we do. A lot.
922 fantasy fantastic pins and counting to be exact...
Wow, just peeked at that.
That's a lot. 

Here are a few things we've pinned lately. :)

Click the pics to see them on our Pinterest boards.

This is cuh-yute! 
We're thinking of using our class colors (greens, blues, whites)
and creating this class hand print wreath on the first days of school.  We'll see. If they can handle paint. In the first days of school. Don't want to count our chickens before they hatch over here. :)

It would be so cute hanging near our class door though! We might have to swindle recruit a volunteer to join us. {wink, wink}
We're having a hard time finding the original link on her blog, but here is the {source}

We pinned this to read later, and we're so glad we did!
Scootpad.com was blogged about here at a blog we just found (Thank you Pint-e-rest) called 
Cuh-yute blog, and Scootpad sounds like a gem of a website with new features coming August 15th.
Just in time for the new year!

If this one works, this is definitely a potential gift idea sometime this coming year. 
Easy and Inexpensive...Sold!
Love the idea of them drawing on paper first, then tracing onto the dish towel.
This one might have to be tried at home in the last morsels of summer...Um...yeah.

This one scares us a bit  a lot.
The potential is so CUH-YUTE,
but do you  think it would work?
Better question...Do you think we could do it ourselves? 
Better, Better question...Do we want to? 
Hmm...better, better?!? Summer    S
We're afraid that we will get half way through, realize we're waaayyy over our heads and end up with a floor cushion to sit on in class. Um, yeah...
But, the fantasy...

So, there you have it. 4 out of 922 929 pins that we love right now ~ Yes, we added a few as we were jumping back and forth for the links...Pinaholics, we tell ya!

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Happy Pinning!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. Yep-
    What a great linky party. I ❤ Pinterest! I need to join in on this.
    I'd be too scared to do that chair project, but it is cute!
    I do a handprint paint project on the first day of school, but this last year I got a huge ink pad and used that instead. Worked great. Stamp their hand, give 'em a baby wipe and send them on their way! :D

    1. Those huge ink pads are the best! Thanks for the reminder, friend. Duh...:)

  2. I love, Love, LOVE the chair! That is amazing! I'm your newest follower!

    First Grade Magic

    1. We know!!! So cute, but so scary...Let us know if you try it. :)

  3. I love that little hand wreath, but might be a little too intimidated to try that in the first few days. When there is no parent help. And I am all alone...

    But the chair, now THAT I could do! I've already recovered my reading chair to match my classroom (got crafty with a sewing machine and staple gun!) and now you have me thinking about doing my rolling chairs.... Hmmmm... Just what I needed. More projects this summer. Enablers!

    1. Kristina,
      You made us laugh out loud...Enablers indeed! So, are you going to try it? Tee, hee...

  4. Thanks for the shout out!! I just stalked your old posts and found a lot of great ideas! I love how you redid the Perfection game! I am now following you! :)

    EduKate and Inspire
    Stop by my 100 follower giveaway!

    1. Thanks so much Kate! We're so glad you stopped by. We love your blog!

      Christy & Tammy

  5. The only thing missing from Vegas were the two of you. I'm just sayin... Start saving and I will see you there next year-right? Love you guys

  6. I am your newest follower! I am a new blogger and love connecting with other teachers!

    Fancy Free in Fourth


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