EXPO Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator: A Teacher Win!

EXPO Ink Indicator Markers...A Teacher Win!
It's no secret that dry erase markers are a must have classroom tool. From whole group lessons, guided reading and math groups, partner work, and independent recording, our students use dry erase markers all day long. As teachers, we are constantly begging asking families to send in dry erase markers or stocking up during back to school sales. 
Dry erase markers in the classroom...A MUST have!But, one of our biggest challenges is teaching our students how to determine when they need a new dry erase marker. We've learned over the years that the expression, "Teacher, my marker ran out!" could really be secret student language for, "I don't like this color." or "I want the same color as my friend, but I know you'll say no so I'll just blame the ink!" So, our reply to "Teacher, my marker ran out." is always, "Prove it!" which leads to a scribble certification where they are asked to prove their ink expiration.  
"Teacher my pen ran out." Managing dry erase markers in the classroom. Until now! 
Recently, EXPO markers contacted us and asked if we'd be interested in trying out their new EXPO Ink Indicator Dry Erase Markers. We knew instantly that this could be a #teacherwin for us.
EXPO Ink Indicator dry erase markers...A Teacher Win! #EXPOteacherwinWe got to try their 4-pack of low odor EXPO dry erase ink indicator markers. 
EXPO Ink Indicator dry erase markers...A Teacher Win! #EXPOteacherwinThe end of the pens are clear with the liquid dry erase ink visible. I love the level indicators showing full, 1/2, and empty indicator lines. I see a fraction lesson coming on with the kids! #EXPOteacherwin
EXPO Ink Indicator dry erase markers...A Teacher Win! #EXPOteacherwinI have been a huge fan of the chisel tip marker since my very first year of teaching because it has always made my teacher printing look way neater than it actually is. I know I'm not alone here, teachers...Right? 😁The EXPO chisel tip marks broad, medium and fine lines all in one sooo...Chisel tip all the way!

EXPO Ink Indicator dry erase markers...A Teacher Win! #EXPOteacherwinThese pens have made class management a little easier too.  I think they are so in love with the 'ink indicator pens' they don't want to give them up! They love sharing and comparing their ink levels with their neighbors too which has provided some great compare and contrast conversations. #EXPOstudentwin

You can learn more about the EXPO Ink Indicator Markers here

EXPO Ink Indicator dry erase markers...A Teacher Win! #EXPOteacherwin
I was so excited about this new tool that I wanted to share it with a few of my favorite teachers for Teacher Appreciation week. I made a variety of 'marker' themed teacher gift tags to go with each set of EXPO Ink Indicator markers.
Teacher Appreciation Week marker themed gift tags for the reMARKable teachers in your life.My own kids will take these to their teachers this week.
Teacher Appreciation Week marker themed gift tags for the reMARKable teachers in your life.I'm giving these to my grade level team and school colleagues for Teacher Appreciation too. 
Teacher Appreciation Week marker themed gift tags for the reMARKable teachers in your life.Want to appreciate a teacher whose made their mark? Grab these Teacher Appreciation gift tags for the remarkable teachers in your life. 
Teacher Appreciation Week marker themed gift tags for the reMARKable teachers in your life.
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Summer Reading Logs

Summer is right around the corner, and parents everywhere are starting to ask teachers can you PLEASE keep them longer?! what they can have their students do over the summer to keep their school skills solid?
We're so glad they ask!
One of easiest answers we give is, have them read.
One of the easiest things we give them to encourage reading is a Summer Reading Log. 
Summer Reading Logs for Students
There's just something about copying and folding activities into booklets that bait our students time and again...Case in point - Spelling Dictionaries and Summer Skills BookletsHook, line and sinker! Plus, they're super easy for us to just copy, fold, staple and send. 

We've provided Summer Reading log templates for younger and older readers that you can choose from. 
Summer Reading Logs for Students
Our Summer Reading Logs are parent friendly, with tips for "Helping Your Child Learn to Read" for younger readers, or "Tips for Building Fluency and Comprehension" for older readers, parents have summer tips at their fingertips for fostering readers long past Labor Day.Summer Reading Logs for Students
Our main goal for summer reading is for parents to keep it fun and easy and for students to build motivation, independence and stamina for self-sustained reading on their own. We want them to build accountability by recording either the titles and authors they read or the date, title and amount of time they read each day. We find providing a fool proof procedure for summer reading helps our parents out tremendously. It's easy to follow and kids are motivated to record in their reading books! Summer Reading Logs for Students
Along the way, we've given them a place to record some of their favorite summer stories. Consider it a 'best of' list for them to forever remember their favorite summer book titles. 

Sometimes, we bribe encourage our class to bring their Summer Reading Logs back to us at the start of the new school year. We don't care if they've moved onto a new class, we are happy to reward their reading!
Summer Reading Logs for Students
Looking for a Summer Reading Log that will encourage your students to read, read, read and then, read some more this summer? You can grab our Summer Reading Log for FREE from our TpT Shop. 
Summer Reading Logs for Students
Can you see the light at the end of the school year tunnel yet? Check out these end of school activities that will help wrap up your school year STAT!
End of school year activities for primary classrooms
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