Classroom Procedures for Walking Through School

 Class management procedures for walking through the halls and school.
It seems like such a simple expectation...Walking through the halls of a school that is. But the reality is, sometimes there's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to walking around campus for our little learners. So, our school adopted an acronym called WALK... Seemed fitting. ;)
We have WALK posters posted all around school, both inside and outside of our classrooms, as visual reminders to our students that they need to walk respectfully around campus.
Create a class walking stick. Class management procedures for walking through the halls and school.
We also created this walking stick to help remind our class of our walking expectations for when we head out and about school.
We simply folded the print out, sealed the open side and top with clear packaging tape and stuck it on the end of a paint stick...Which we also wrapped with duct tape to cover the exposed handle because it was cuter than the paint logo easy. 
Our class line leader grabs the walking stick whenever we leave the classroom.

We've even had a few kids place their fingers in the shape of the letter W over their lips as we walk...We did not teach them this, but we've decided to just stroll with it. ;)

Our school WALK program and our class walking sticks have helped tame our class line tremendously! Our school halls are calm, cool, and collected as students walk on by. Using it school wide has helped everyone stay consistent. The hardest part? Teachers have to follow the rules too! 

Want to start your own school WALK program or create a class walking stick?
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