Bouncing for Bouncy Bands

Spring Summer fever is in full force in our classroom these days. Apparently we are bouncing our way into summer... We have a few that seem to get so fidgety excited about learning, especially around this time of year. They can hardly stay in their seats! Do you have a few of your very own in your classroom?

We found a solution for our little bouncing babes...BOUNCY BANDS! These gems attach right to the bottom of a chair or desk and allow your wiggle worms to bounce their way through learning.

We have two sets in our classroom, which fit on the front legs of their chairs. We've been using them as incentives these past few weeks as we wind down the school year. Everybody wants MUST use the Bouncy Bands. So, we've been keeping them at a back table where 2 lucky ducks at a time get to head back, continue working, and bounce away...It's pretty amazing how quiet they'll become for the chance to bounce! 

Bonus...We've noticed that our chair tipping seemed to lessen too, which is great because tipping back in chairs is not only unsafe, it's a huge teacher pet peeve of ours! So we strap on the bouncy band and the tipping stops! 

A few of our kids got used to having them on their chair a little more regularly this year. One of them even asked where his bands went when we switched seats and his chair no longer had them. Some kids just need to move in order to learn better. Bouncy Bands are a great solution to those students that need to be in motion.
Fluttering Through First Grade

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  1. Thanks Christy and Tammy! I'm so happy that your students are loving their Bouncy Bands!

    If any teachers would like to get them for FREE for their students, please consider writing a DonorsChoose grant. Here's a link with tips and even a sample 1-page application that you can copy and paste to get funded:

    It's a perfect summer project to have in place for Open House where parents can share the link to your class Fundraiser page on their Facebook pages to get funded quickly!


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