Spa Mom and Tie-Rific Dad Together At Last! Mother's Day and Father's Day Craft Bundle

Spa Mom and TiE-Rific Dad sitting in a tree...
 Spa Mom and TiE-Rific Dad are snuggling up this year in our new Mother's Day and Father's Day craft bundle! We fell in love with both of these projects last year, so figured we should just make their adoration official. :)
 Spa Mom was a huge hit last year and we can't wait to introduce her to this year's bunch! Our kids loved them...Moms loved them...And, teachers loved them too! Here's a few fabulous feedbacks about Mom...

Mother's Day always sneaks up on us right after Spring Break, so we are excited to be ready and prepped early this year!
 And, we couldn't forget about Dad, so we created TiE-rific Dad to escort the lady...We mean follow up for Father's Day. He was a big hit too. Here's a few feedbacks on our Top Dad...
Although Father's Day falls after school is out, we really can't forget about Dad, so this is the perfect last week of school {What on Earth are we going to do!?} activity.  We just tell the kids to hide them until Dad's Day. 
 E-SPA-cially for Mom and TiE-rific Dad are now bundled together in a Mother's Day and Father's Day Craft Giftivity set. Snag them both and save!

Five for Friday

We love Five for Friday and we're finally linking up again after...Forever!
Our annual first grade "Wonderful Weather" show was a hit! It's the perfect culmination to all of our weather learning! These productions always take some time to pull together, but the kids do such a great job! Unfortunately, their teachers didn't do as great of a job hanging onto the show banner last year. We'd had it for many years and we have a feeling we tossed it before school started thinking we'd just make a new one this year. Those ideas are always awesome until they come true...
So we channeled our inner Picassos and whipped up a brand new show banner one late night in our studio classroom.  
Do you have a few speedy workers in your class? The spring weather seems to bring out that fast paced "Get me to recess!!" type of worker in some of our friends. We love using visual reminders with our students, so came up with this little desk reminder to help them SLOW down when printing. We tape it right on top or right inside of their desks and refer to it often...Mostly in the form of our pointer finger tap, tap, tapping their SLOW card. We don't say a word...Just a simple tap of the SLOW down card and we have a little meeting of the minds. It works! 
Need to SLOW a few friends down too? 
Grab yourself a free download by clicking the butterfly below...

We've discovered this little gem of an app for quick grouping. Have you heard of it? Team Shake is easy to use and ok, ok...Kind of fun! You just shake your device (we use our iPhones) and the app divides and conquers who will work with who. We just created a class list to start, then with a shake, the app places kids into teams of your choosing. You can create any number from 1 to 64 teams...It's kind of awesome! It costs 99 cents and is available for Apple and Android by the way, but worth every penny. :)

Our school hosted their first Gala a few weeks ago. We got all fancied up and had a fun night out! 
One of our class responsibilities for the Gala was to create an auction item. We love this idea, but are always searching to make something that will appeal to the masses...In other words, something the whole school can bid on, win for tons of money, and not mind having in their homes the morning after. Ha! So, we asked for ideas from our amazing followers on our Facebook page and ummm....This was genius! We had the kids paint fingerprint bugs on a clay pot to start. Then, we planted a lemon tree and attached scratcher lottery tickets, which our class donated, to the branches to create our class Lotto-Tree. It was a Gala hit!
Confession: We've spent a good chunk of our Spring Break cleaning and organizing...Now, we're cleaning up our Teachers Pay Teachers wishlist with a sale! Clean up your wishlist and grab our Top 10 most wishlisted units for 20% off. Sweep up quick...Sale ends Sunday! Click the butterfly below to visit our shop.

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