Crazy for Hot Cocoa!

Nothing says loco quite like cocoa! It's amazing the work our class will do for the stuff! They are crazy for hot cocoa! 
We create this Loco for Cocoa bulletin board each year and leave it up past the holidays because, well, people drink hot cocoa in January too...And maybe even February...But, you didn't hear that from us. :)

We spend the weeks leading up to winter break bringing a lot of special activities into our classroom, but our Hot Cocoa Party is one of our favorites. Mostly because it's an easy party to throw!

Last year, we were either incredibly smart, terribly tired, or a little of both when we decided to ditch the crock pot cocoa and use a Keurig coffee maker instead! 
No children were harmed in the touching of this Keurig.
They used 1 finger and an adult stood with them the entire time.
Like the movie Jackass...Kids, do not try this at home.
We had no idea the power of allowing the kids to touch the Keurig, but Ohmiword they were as excited as Tammy finding a gold glitter accordion under the tree on Christmas morning! 
Obviously making hot cocoa 1 cup at a time would take forever in the classroom, so we usually run small groups on the last day before winter break and pair our hot cocoa station with our 
You can see all of the activities included in our Polar Express Booktivities and download a sample page from the preview in our TpT Shop.
We also let the kids wear pajamas (mostly so we can too) and watch The Polar Express to end our day.

Set up is super easy, and clean up is a snap! No more crock pots to clean before Winter Break!
We'll be posting a request for our class Hot Cocoa Party donations outside our classroom tomorrow for parents to sign up. 

We've created one for the crock pot (bring boxes of hot cocoa mix) and one for the Keurig (bring K-Cups). 
Is your class crazy for cocoa too? 
You can grab your own sign up sheets below. 
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  1. Love the Keurig idea! What have I been thinking in years past? Love your activities y'all. PS- love the gold accordion!


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