My Interactive Story of the First Thanksgiving

We realize Halloween is tomorrow, but we're pretty sure all teachers everywhere would agree that we are done with October now...And November is just around the corner. We're always trying to work a week ahead, so we don't Fall behind, so here's what we're prepping now...
Reading and Writing about the first Thanksgiving during the month of November is one of our favorite times of year. Here are a few titles we use to guide our learning all month long. 
We love getting our students involved in the story of Thanksgiving by using our new Interactive Story of the First Thanksgiving
 These lessons allow our students to read, write and create the story of the first Thanksgiving in an interactive way that helps them learn a lot of non-fiction information FAST...Just in time to take these keepsake books home to share at their own family feast tables!

Learn about Transportation, Shelter, and Food from the first Thanksgiving. With 2 options to choose from, you can customize or differentiate the book to meet your own class needs. The Copy and Color option allows students to color their pictures and trace pre-written sentences to create their story. The Make and Create option allows students to create their own guided art projects and write their own Thanksgiving facts. We've used the Make and Create option for years, but have added the research and brainstorming pieces to this unit, which our class needs right now. 

We will use the Fact Finder Posters to focus our daily lessons, read stories related to the topics, collect facts on the brainstorming posters. Then, we'll have the kids create their own brainstorming pages, write their own facts, and create the art projects for each page of their book. They are so proud to take their books home and we hear from parents that they set time aside during their own Thankgiving feast to get "schooled by their first grader". LOVE it! 

Here's What's Included:
-Teacher Directions
-Copy and Color Book Cover
-Make and Create Book Cover 
-8 Thanksgiving Vocabulary Cards for Pocket Chart or Bulletin Board
-1 Color Thanksgiving Mini Word Wall Poster
-1 Black and White Thanksgiving Mini Word Wall Poster
-6 Fact Finder posters about the First Thanksgiving
-6 Blank Bubble Maps for Class Brainstorming
-6 Student Brainstorming Worksheet Printables 
-6 Prewritten Text Boxes with First Thanksgiving Facts for Tracing
-6 Blank Text Boxes for First Thanksgiving Creative Writing
-6 Copy and Color options for art projects 
-6 Step by Step Teacher Directions for art projects
-Complete information to teach the following areas:
Transportation (Mayflower and Canoe)
Shelter (Log Cabins and Wigwams)
Food (Hunting and Planting)
We've just added My Interactive Story of the First Thanksgiving to our TpT Shop and it's on sale through Halloween. Early birds turkeys catch the worms deals!

Happy Hallogiving...Or, Happy Thanksoween...Or, at the very least...

Spooktacular Celebration ~ Complete Halloween Class Party Package

Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate with fall centers and 
activities that give your guys and ghouls a spooktacular time! We work hard each day, and everyone deserves a little treat. So, take a time out and give your kiddos a celebration they’ll never forget!

Here's What's Included
*Donation Sign Up Sheets
*Donation Request Slips
*Donation Reminder Slips
*Toilet Paper Pumpkin Craft
*Monster Mind Game
*Ghostie Glider Craft
*BOO! Bingo
*Monster Munchies Food Art
*Spooky Water & Recipe Writing

We play BOO Bingo!

We tie in our Solids and Liquids science learning by mixing liquids to make Spooky Water.

Cheers to Spooky Water! 

We craft Ghostie Gliders!
Our kids love playing this game we created called, "Monster Mind"

The Monster gets to wear a headband with a vocabulary word tucked into it. This witch used her hat. 
The ghouls give the monster clues about the word hiding on their headband and the monster has to guess. 
 We make toilet paper pumpkins... Our favorite crafty treat! We use fall fabric instead of Halloween, so they can last the whole season.
It's Spooktacular Fun!

To manage all this Spooktacular Fun, we provide each student with a "Haunted House" at the beginning of our festivities. These are just large pieces of newsprint with their names on them, like this...
Each time we finish a station, they walk their finished project over to their Haunted House for safe keeping. This saves our sanity tremendously and keeps our party moving along without any scares over lost creations!
We've just added a new activity to this party package...
As an extra special treat, we pulled together these Monster Munchies!

Aren't they cute creepy!!

Be sure to update your download if you have our Spooktacular Celebration ~ Complete Class Party Package! 
This pack includes everything you need to throw the ultimate class Halloween party! With 6 activities to choose from, you can rotate the kids through centers, or choose one for each day of the school week! 

We’ve included directions, donation request notes, sign up sheets and everything in between! Use the complete supply list for all of the activities included, or use the blank sign up form to write your own list of needed materials for the activities you’ll be doing. If you prefer, you can assign supplies to each student and send the Spooktacular Celebration announcement home to families to request their specific donations. If you’d like to simply collect money and fulfill the supply list yourself (or enlist a volunteer to shop for you), you can use the form to ask for a monetary amount. There are lots of possibilities to choose from to meet the needs of your own class celebration!

As materials arrive, we keep separate tubs in our classroom labeled with the activity for easy sorting and organization. 

There is some prep work for this event, but once the materials are gathered, and possibly with a few helping hands from class families, you'll have your class party in full swing. 

Our Spooktacular Celebration is a fall highlight in our classroom and we hope it builds memories with your guys and ghouls too...Hapy Halloween!

Batty for Bats!

 This week we are setting our heebie jeebies aside and teaching our class all about bats! Our first graders are batty for bats, so we will have a great time learning all about these flying mammals. We even have a class visit scheduled with a real bat and their owner! Creepy cool, huh? 
(We are kind of freaking out...EEEK).

We flew through prepping our Bat Bits unit. 
Here's What's Included
Bat Label Me
Bats Can-Have-Are
Bat Facts
“Bats, Bats, Bats!” Build a Poem
“Bats, Bats, Bats!” Little Book
“Bats, Bats, Bats!” Fluency Building Bookmarks for Little Book
Counting by 5s
Bat Craft

We wrote a poem called, "Bats, Bats, Bats!" which we will recite and rebuild in our class pocket chart all week long. 
During independent work time, they will use our poem fill in to spell the missing words from the poem and illustrate. They will also see this poem in our Bats, Bats, Bats! Little Book which will test their reading comprehension skills as they have to illustrate the pages to match the text. 

Christy made this cute bat craft to help our kids who still need help cutting and following directions. Plus, it's fun...But, we are told we aren't allowed to use the "f" word in our lesson plans...So it's a fine motor/following directions skill builder activity...
AKA Bat Craft to you fun teachers. ;)

You can click below to fly over and take a closer peek...
Plus, we created a free bonus Batty for Bats opinion writing activity for you. You can download it for free from our Bat Bits ~ Across the Curriculum Activities product preview in our TpT Shop. 
We will add this to our Sharing Pages plans for this week, thanks to a great idea from one of our readers! Fly on over and grab yourself a copy too...

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