GoNoodle Giveaway!

Does your class use GoNoodle? It has quickly become our favorite time of day in our classroom. 
We're sharing 3 Genuis Tricks for Using GoNoodle as bait with our students over on the GoNoodle blog today...Yes! They have a blog...And, there's tons of great ideas, freebies and fun! So, be sure to read our post {here}. But before you go, head down to the end of this post for a swag bag from GoNoodle of your own! 
 We're giving away a bag of tricks to one lucky reader. 
Plus, 5 winners will win a class set of GoNoodle Stickers too!
Winners will be announced on Sunday...Good luck!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. How often do you use GoNoodle during the day? Since the segments are so short, you could use several during the day, right? Also, are some of the segments more appropriate for upper or lower grades? If so, how do you tell? I teach kindergarten and want to make sure my kids will be motivated.

  2. Okay...although I only had 7 thousandths of a chance to win {!!} just checked back to see if I was super lucky...when will you be announcing the winner??
    The Apple Basket Teacher

  3. Where did you get the image to make the necklaces? Also you said that the 3 necklaces float the room until time is up. Whoever has the necklace get to choose the next brain break. Which of the 3 get to pick? Or do they each pick one? Thank you for the wonderful ideas! I hope this helps to lead my class in the right direction. I can't wait to try it out! Thank you again!


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