Free Technology Responsibility Posters #2

It's quickly becoming the BEST day of the week in our summer homes...
Tech Free Tuesday has resulted in more creative play than we could have imagined ~ Forts hovering wall to wall in their bedrooms, Mystery Craft Bags galore, reading, writing, lounging in the sun...Now, these are the things we consider Summer Fun!
We've just added Technology Responsibility Poster 2 to our Facebook Page.
 Tech Free Tuesday! Go Play the Old Fashioned Way...

We've created 6 Technology Responsibility Posters for our classroom that will help us raise Responsible Technology Use Awareness with a twist of humor. 

We have to teach them young that being responsible with the time they are plugging in is just as important as making their beds, setting the dinner table, exercising and eating healthy. Like most of life's guilty pleasures...It's all good in moderation. Self control is a learned habit, and it's one we cannot afford this generation miss.

If you missed the first one, not to worry...It's still there too. We just added Poster #2 to the download. :)

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Unplug and Enjoy Summer Life! 
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  1. Love, love--your posters are wonderful! Every week I have my grandson for two days, and technology has not been a part of our time together. Thanks ladies! Just found your blog today and am a new follower...



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