Free Technology Responsibility Posters #1

We are relishing in Summer Vacation! So far we've been to the beach, the lake, organized 5 drawers, and laid down the law when it comes to summer device time with our home school summer students...AKA our own kids. 

Day 2 of summer and we mean business. 
Our Theory...
Nobody ever looked back at childhood summers and relished in the fact that they passed level 515 in Clash of Clans or built the sickest Minecraft City known to man...
Sorry, kids...
We know...
Times have changed...
But really...They haven't.

When they woke up this morning they were greeted to a rude awakening...
 Tech Free Tuesday! Go Play the Old Fashioned Way...
But, they did giggle...Probably an 
"OMG my Mom is so lame!" giggle, 
but we just heard a
"My Mom is so TOTES clever and brilliant!" giggle. 

We've created 6 Technology Responsibility Posters for our classroom that will help us raise Responsible Technology Use Awareness with a twist of humor. 

We have to teach them young that being responsible with the time they are plugging in is just as important as making their beds, setting the dinner table, exercising and eating healthy. Like most of life's guilty pleasures...It's all good in moderation. Self control is a learned habit, and it's one we cannot afford this generation miss.
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Unplug and Enjoy Summer Life! 
Fluttering Through First Grade

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  1. Love your poster! Kids are kids and they need to get out and play!


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