Father's Day Giftivity ~ Tie-rific Dad...Spa Mom's Soulmate

Spa Mom has been on the prowl ever since Mother's Day...
But, finding the right soulmate is a far cry from her relaxing days at the Spa...
Until he walked in...
It was love at first print sight.
It's a match made in Heaven and our students are flipping over Spa Mom's mate! We're flipping that we can check our class Father's Day gift off our list...Win! 
 It's one of the last projects we do before the end of the school year, but we just cannot forget about the Dads...
They deserve our love too!

Need a quick and easy Father's Day craft that's TiE-rific?
You can take a closer look at him in our TpT Shop. 
But, don't stare at him for too long...
He's taken! ;)

Thanks for "Polishing" Our Skills...Parent Volunteer Gift Tag Freebie

Our first grade parent volunteers are awesome! This is the time of year when we want to thank them for helping us polish our skills all school year long. 
We were shopping the "stuff you don't need" bins at the front of Michaels, and stumbled upon these adorable patterned nail files that we had to have! Those bins suck us in every time, but these were too cute to pass up!

We grabbed nail polish in fun summer colors, wrapped them up with the tag below and filed them in our basket for our last week of parent volunteers. Key word being last...As in almost summer. Almost...
Need to chip check parent volunteer gifts off your end of the school year list? Snag the tag below, rush to the stuff you don't need bins, grab some polish and you're good to go! :)

Sliding Through Summer ~ Skills Review Booklet for Off Season Learners

We take our summer sliding very seriously...
We put our best foot forward and try our very best to keep from slipping off the summer slide. 
But, us teachers know how this story goes...
Kids slip and slide all over the summer.
Sometimes, we slip off the summer slide...
And forget all that we learned...
These are the times we remind our teachery selves...
Those apples don't fall too far from those trees. ;)
Fortunately for our first grade families, we will not let them slip off the summer slide come the end of our school year.
We've worked too hard to stop now! 
Who says we have to stop anyways?
Oh yeah, summer...
Yeah, we get it.
But, we've got just the thing to keep them motivated to learn in the off season ~ AKA Summer!
Our goal with this booklet was to keep it simple, keep it fun and keep them motivated for a little summer learning. 
We've hidden the learning in a fun weekly schedule that we know will keep kids motivated.
We've included 3 Booklet Cover Options ~ Full Color, Ink Friendlier and Black and White. 
The back cover is a "Responsibility Record" to help parents keep their kiddos motivated and on track. They can draw happy faces, stars, use little stamps or stickers...Whatever works! But, as Moms we know these little things help keep kids on track, so we've included it for our summer home schoolers and their teachers. 
We usually opt for the black and white ourselves around this time of year. You could have them color their cover.
Or, you could be lazy smart like us and just copy the cover onto colored paper. We used construction paper, but cardstock works great too. 
This entire booklet is 11 pieces of paper (cover included) copied back to back, and includes 6 weeks of Summer Skills Review! :) Our goal was to keep the copying down at this time of year. But, parents ask for work over the summer and we are happy to oblige. We just cannot copy oodles of packets for each of our students. But, 11 pieces of paper copied back to back...We can afford that. 
We've included detailed directions for how to copy this booklet so it comes out just right...Just copy, fold, staple and send! 
Ours are already done and we still have a good 5 weeks of school to go. HA! They will be the perfect addition to our end of the year gift buckets. 
What's Included
Detailed Directions for Assembly and Use
3 Booklet Cover Options
Full Color
Ink Friendly
Black and White (can be copied onto colored paper or white paper for student coloring)
Family Letters
Incentive Award
6 Weeks of Daily Summer Skills Practice
Are you as ready for summer as we are? 
Bring it on!

Listen Up 2...Yahoo!

Yes, you are seeing double...
It's Listen Up 2...
More Auditory Activities for Little Listeners!
The sequel to our BEST selling Teachers Pay Teachers unit,

You've asked...We've answered!
Thank you and your principal too! 
Our class also loves working on listening skills with our Listen Up activities. So much so, they blazed right through them.
And, we still have many weeks of school left to go!
So, we needed more...
Listen Up 2 Includes
-2 Listen Up 2! Binder or Folder Cobers 
color and black and white
-Listen Up 2! Instructions for Use
-2 Listen Up 2! Class Posters
-25 Differentiated Listen Up 2! Directions Cards
-25 Listen Up 2! Print and Go Lesson Activities
-CCSS Tracking Sheets
-Listen Up Rubrics
-Self Assessments

Listen Up 1 and Listen Up 2 can be used at any time. They don't have to go in order and you can grab either or both sets to keep the activities going most of the school year through. 
We keep our Listen Up activities in a binder, tucked in sleeve protectors which makes it super easy for grab and go copying and using in class. We just read the instructions aloud straight from the binder. You could also laminate and use a wet or dry erase marker to check off as you go.  
Our class has come to love this poster...We post it as a sign that's it's time for Listen Up! 

They cheer, then quickly dig out their pencil and crayons and get silent...They really are being well trained. We are very pleased with their progress and exceptionally excited that we are not repeating ourselves as much in other parts of our day. 

Now we just say, "Listen UP!" and they are like Pavlov's dog...salivating for our next words. :)
They were doing so good, and we were getting a little bored with mundanely chanting, "Listen, Think, Do...Listen, Think, Do..." 
We were zombified...
So, we mixed it up a bit and wrote a "Listen Up Chant".
Think Cops TV show theme song...

But, of course they love it! 
We use our best cop voices...It's fun, gets the giggles out, and allows us to focus our energy on listening. 
This Listen Up Chant poster is available for download by downloading our Listen Up 2 preview in our TpT Shop...There's also a free Listen Up 2 student activity and directions card that you can try out to see what all the buzz is about. :)

Just a Teacher...

Ever just have one of those weeks? 
Us too...
So we woke up this morning with a lot on our minds, and like the first grade teacher curse goes, we put it to rhyme. 

For all you JUST teachers out there...this one's for you. 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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