Interactive Phonics Readers ~ R-Controlled Vowels + a Book Bag Freebie

We are so excited that our class is reading up a storm! We're diving into those R-controlled vowels this week and we've just finished up our latest set of Interactive Phonics Readers to help our first graders out. 

They just can't get enough of these little books, and now that we've made our way through the short vowels, long vowels and digraph sets, they are Interactive Phonics Pros right about now. 
True story...
We asked a parent volunteer to run this station the other day. About halfway through the first group, she turned and asked if she could leave because the kids were so independent they didn't need her! HA! 
We didn't let her go...

Included in Each Set:

-Interactive Phonics Reader with Tracing Lines 

-Interactive Phonics Reader without Tracing Lines 

-Mini Word Walls (Color and Black and White)

-Directions Cards

-Home Reading Reminder 

-Reading Reward

Each R-controlled vowel set is sold separately, or bundled up with 

all 5 sets for the price of 4. 

Lots of you have asked what we do with all those books? We do like to send them home for reading, but we insist they come back to school to 'live' for the school year. 

We keep it simple...Just a zippered plastic bag with a cute label that keeps all their little books from oozing out of their desks and zipped up in one place. From time to time, they take their book bags home to read to their families too. 

Need a book bag label for all your little books?
We've created a free download for you too. We print on Avery labels #8464, or any labels 3 1/3" x 4" in size. Enjoy!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. I love your book bag labels. But, I am trying to figure out how to make them work on my labels, which are 2" x4". Do you know if it's possible or do I need to go buy another box of labels to add to my collection? :) Thanks

  2. I found the right size labels tonight, came home, and printed some of these out. My kids will love them. Thanks so much for sharing. Cecile


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