e-SPA-cially for Mom! Mother's Day Craft and Giftivity

We had an idea the other day...Unfortunately, running away to soak in a gaggle of Calgon was not the most conducive to 'real life' as our husbands so 'politely' reminded us...
So, we did the next best thing...
We crafted!
Perhaps we are sending subliminal messages as to how some of us Moms truly want to spend our Mother's Days...The way we see it...We're really just doing our part to help Mothers everywhere. :D
 As teachers, we have to power to convince our students how important it is to take care of Mom. We are Moms...Who want to be taken care of from time to time...We understand the need for a little rest and relaxation. So, we're here to help!
We created this fun Mother's Day Giftivity ~ It's like a Craftivity, but it's a gift. 
We totally made it up, but it works! 
We made two options for attaching a booklet to the bottom of Spa Mom's fluffy spa robe, complete with silk cotton ball collar...
A Coupon Book or A Story Book
Take your pick!

Here's What's Included
-Print and Go Spa Mom Craftivity Templates
-Print and Go E-SPA-cially for Mom Coupon Book templates 
*5 ready made
*2 blank
-Print and Go My SPA-cial Mom Story Book templates
*5 ready made
*2 blank

That's it! 
So far our own kids (4th and 6th grade) have given Spa Mom these rave reviews...

"Mom...She's SPA-some."

"I E-SPA-cially like her cucumber eyes."

"Mom, maybe we should send you to the real spa for Mother's 
Day so you can match your Craftivi-thing..."
We've trained you well little Grasshoppers...
We've trained you well...

Now, please go read this post to your Daddies. :)

We've added Grandma, Aunt and generic Someone Spa-cial templates to meet all our families needs. :)
Click below to take a closer peek at our Mother's Day Craft
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  1. I LOVE this! This is a perfect Mother's Day gift. Thank you for being so creative:) I might need to email this link to my son's teacher. ;)

  2. I love this project....I actually did it with my kiddos this week. It was the cutest!!

    I just posted about it, check it out and comment.

    I included a link back to your blog post :-)


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