Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring into First Grade! Math and Literacy Centers for the Season

Spring is in the air! Or, at least it should be right about now...
We know our Snow Day friends agree...Right?
Plus, we Southern Californians have had exactly 4 straight days of real rain, so that is pretty much about all we can take...Ask our freeways.

We are getting excited to put our winter centers away and pull our spring centers out to let them play...And, by play we mean work really hard...They just don't see it that way, but that's A Ok with us...

We are coming down the homestretch, rounding 3rd base Trimester and headed for homeplate Summer. Our Spring into First Grade Common Core Math and Literacy Activities focuses on all those skills we need them to master before the end of the school year. Some are still a bit challenging, and some are a review. They can be differentiated, and extension ideas are included. With all of our students' varying academic levels, we can use the spring centers over and over again by just putting a slight twist on the activity each time they work on them.
What’s Included:
Springtime Sound Off
Seed Sprouting Syllables
“Spring is Here!” Little Book
Spring Word Flip
Springtime Sort ~ Long Vowels
Spring Showers ~ Digraphs {ch, sh, th, wh}
“Spring Has Sprung!” Build-a-Poem
Sight Word Frog Frenzy!
Caterpillar Addition ~ Adding 3 Digits
Egg-Cellent Equations ~ Addition Sorting to 12
Time for Spring! ~ Time to the Hour & Half Hour
Ducks in the Pond!
Jellybean 10-Frames
Feathery Fact Families ~ Roll & Write Fact Family Practice
More and Less Tulips
Kids need repetition to feel successful...Don't feel bad if you are providing them a repeat center. Did they learn to ride a bike without training wheels the very first time out? Nope...So, let them keep riding and before you know it, they'll beg to teach someone else how to do it. That's the power of learning.

We use these from now until May. We rotate the activities through our Workshop time at least two or three times over the entire season. So, once we've prepped them, we can literally count the days until SUMMER because our centers are DONE! 

Our Spring Centers are 20% off in our TpT Shop until Friday! 
Plus, we're giving 3 away TODAY on our Facebook page
Can you tell we're ready for spring? 
Good luck!


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  3. I Love the Sitspots!!!!!! I also LOVE this Blog and all that you do!!!! Thanks for the chance to win these. I'm going to get them either way =)

  4. Sit Spots are so awesome! Must. Get. Some. Spring Break: St. Augustine, Florida!

  5. Spring breaking is best at home with my own little ones!


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