Five for Friday...What a Week!

Today seems like a great day to join...
Plus, our brains can handle a list of 1 to 5 right about now...
 NOPE...Not for us...Not even close!
We ran in our annual Jogathon this week! This is by far our most favorite school event and the easiest school fundraiser we know! Make a track, build some hype, and let them run for fun...
and mon-ey. If we raise our needed funds, the kids have voted to Slime the Principal!
Our community helpers show up to cheer our first graders on too. Plus, they brought Goliath, the ginormous horse. They don't call him ginormous...We did. He was huge! His partners told the kids they have to use a ladder to get in the saddle. 
So, that's ginormous in our books.
 The joys of job sharing...Christy went to Hawaii. 
No cussing allowed...Sorry...But, Tammy understands what you're saying...
 She did some work. Report cards were really rough this trimester. Hmph...
But, BEST of all she got to play with our blogging buddy Corinna from Surfin' Through Second!
 This is our favorite part about blogging, and a side effect we did not anticipate when we began this journey...Meeting blogging friends face to face...In Hawaii!
Meanwhile, back at the Ranch...Tammy took out the whole Hawaii thing on the classroom just in time for St. Patrick's Day...
Perhaps just a wee bit green with envy? ;)
After job sharing for 12 years, we know neither of us are going anywhere, so we can get away with things like this from time to time. Plus, did we mention Christy went to Hawaii. Oh, we did?! Sorry...
Sub Day walk away! We are in love with these sub tub activities. Our sub plans were a piece of cake! The class had a great time working with Miss Nelson and we did absolutely nothing other than prep or tub and walk away! Yay!

And, apparently the sub was happy too!

This DUH moment has been brought to you by the makers of 
We don't change seats nearly as often as we should in first grade...
But, now we just may switch them every week now! #notreally
The other day, we had an epiphany. Work smarter, not harder...That's what we always say.
So we created our class seating chart in PowerPoint, printed, laminated and Voila! It's a dry erase seating chart. Yeah, we know...

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5 for Friday posts. 
Have a great weekend!

Leprechauns on the Loose! St. Patrick's Day in the Classroom

Come this time tomorrow, Christy is either going to LOVE or HATE job sharing...
Tammy will love it...As she posted on Instagram. :) 

You can do the same for your little leprechauns! We didn't do anything fancy or pricey. We found stuff at the 99 Cent Store. 
It's also easy enough to just use what you have, like green and white unifix cubes, green pens, green torn up paper, basically anything you have that's green. 

Our "Lucky Juice" is simply made of Sierra Mist with the label peeled off, marked up with a Sharpie, and a few drops of green food coloring added. You could also just do water or any other clear beverage.
If we've brought you to the Dark Green Side, the least we could do is give you a freebie. Our kids will have exactly 5 minutes to clean up after those pesky little leprechauns. If they choose to accept their mission, which they will have no other choice but to accept, they will be rewarded with "Lucky Juice" and a writing experience they'll never forget. It's all in how we "sell" it. They'll be even more lucky to be able to write all about it...those lucky dogs! 

We were LUCKY enough to be selected as the Feature Teacher for the TpT newsletter this week. It must be the Luck of the Irish-or the Luck of the Polish and English-sprinkled with a touch of Romanian and Russian!

Teachers Pay Teachers Conference 2014

Guess what? 
That's what!

We have been keeping a deep, dark secret for a few months now...
We hate keeping secrets, but we are good at it.
Pinky promise.

But when TpT made the big announcement today, we realized we are finally able to fess up!
Fluttering Through First Grade (That's us!) will be presenting at the very FIRST Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Las Vegas this July!
Now scream!!!

We are so excited and honored to have been chosen! 
But, best of all, we cannot wait to meet you in person! 
We will be the ones with the perma-grins...
Come find us! :)

What are we presenting, you ask?

A to Z With TpT: Master the Basics
From Adding the right resource types to Zipping through the Seller’s Forum, we’re going A to Z with TpT with plenty of top tips in between. Learn about how to get featured in the weekly newsletter and on the TpT blog. Whether you're starting your TpT journey or want to reset and make sure you give yourself every advantage, you'll leave this session with solid, proven ideas about how you can maximize your store and TpT experience right away! 

You know we're teachers, so the A to Z theme seems only fitting. Plus, it will help us hit all the standards highlights in an orderly fashion..Hmmm...You know we're teachers, right? 

It's going to be fun, fun, FUN and we cannot wait!
We've got a ton to share and hope to see you there! 

Click {here} to register today! 
 Early bird registration rate ends March 31, 2014.

See you in Vegas BABY!

SitSpots Blog Hop and a CaliGals Giveaway!

OH, the possibilities for these sensational SitSpots!!
 We were in deep thought with SitSpots owner, Joyce, and our blogging buddies at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference about these perfect patches...
Our takeaway? 
SitSpots...They aren't just for sitting!
We grabbed our fair share, and got to work.  

We had a master plan, with a minor problem. This giant rug pretty much hogs takes up our entire classroom floor space!
SitSpots work best directly on classroom conpet ~ No, that's not a typo...Concrete Carpet = Conpet. You may have it in your classroom too? 
So, for now...the rug has been rolled up, sent to the side of the classroom and will be benched for recess, because the SitSpots are here to stay.
SitSpots...Let's ROCK!

We chose to use 25 of the circle SitSpots we grabbed to write our third trimester sight words on. 
We used a black sharpie to write the words. 
These are the words we chose...
They are the doozies for our first graders...
 We created 4 sets of Musical Words to use for this game. 
You can grab them free {here}.
Musical Words
We choose a DJ for this game. 
The DJ gets to wear sunglasses and hold a clipboard with the sight word list and something for marking the words off as you play. 
As an alternative, you could throw any word cards into a basket, bowl or hat and have the DJ pull word cards out as you play.  
We LOVE playing music in the classroom. We often change genres over the course of the school year, one week may be Jazz week, while another may be Big Bands or Classical...But, for Musical Words, we just kept it fun for kids. 
Here's our Musical Words Playlist from iTunes. 
The DJ hits the play button, and the kids start moving! Just like freeze dance or musical chairs, they dance, walk, move around the SitSpots while the music is playing. We encourage them to move to the tempo of the music. If it's slow, move slowly...If it's fast, move quickly...Without bumping your friends please! It happens...

  When the music stops, stomp on a spot!
 The DJ picks a word from their Musical Words list or pulls a card from their container and announces it to the class. The person standing on that spot must shout it, spell it and use it in a sentence! If they need help, let them Phone a Friend ~ AKA, ask someone standing near their SitSpot for help.
 Their feet crack us up!
We are so excited to keep creating fun, easy uses for SitSpots in our classroom. Our first graders love them already...
SitSpots are definitely here to stay!
Now's your chance!
Nine of us Cali Gals have teamed up with Sit Spots to bring you a Sit Spots Blog Hop and Giveaway!
Just follow the bouncing blog buttons at the end of each post to hop to your next Sit Spot-sational idea! 
You can enter to win on any of our blogs, but you must comment on all 9 for your chance to win a class set of 32 Sit Spots! Don't worry, we're keeping it easy...Think Spring Break!

Just head to the Rafflecopter below for up to 21 chances to win.
That's right...Lucky 21! Plus, the winner will be announced on Monday, March 17th ~ St. Patrick's Day.
With dozens of designs to choose from, you'll have a ton of fun SitSpotting up your classroom space just like us!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Don't want to wait to see if you're one of the lucky 9?
 Well, guess what?
 SitSpots has a deal just for you!
Enter Coupon Code CALIGALS14 during checkout on their site and save 25% OFF!
This offer expires March 31, 2014. 
Click the pic to shop now...
Still not sure? SitSpots offers a FREE sample before you purchase. Just head to their site to request your complimentary SitSpot today!

Ready for your next creative Cali Gal?
Head over to
Dragonflies in First
 to see their SitSpots in action and leave a comment to win!
Good luck!

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