Listen Up! We're Listening!

We're in the middle of an epidemic, teacher friends. 
Yep...An Ignoring Epidemic.
It's bad. Really, really bad...
...Wait...We're sorry...What did you say? 
We weren't really listening to a word we were just saying...
 We just couldn't sit back any longer. We couldn't listen (yes, really listen) to one more Mommy or Teacher friend say, 
"It's just our society now." or "It's just kids nowadays." 
Nope. Sorry. We are teachers and our job is to teach. If they need to learn how to listen, we need to step up and help. 
Listen Up! Auditory Activities for Little Listeners is our attempt at helping. But, truth be told...It also cuts to the core...
By purposefully practicing listening skills in a direct, consistent and predictable way, they are learning quickly that they'd better listen the FIRST time or they may be left behind...
We tell them daily this is not just a first grade lesson.
They chime in...
 "It's a life lesson."
As if they've heard that tune before...
We've got them brainwashed listening...
 We're keeping our Listen Up activities in their own binder right on our teacher desk. We adore the colorful cover, but we also made an ink friendly cover that you can copy onto your most favorite colored paper. 
We keep all of the components in plastic page protectors inside our Listen Up Binder. This makes copying really easy. 
We tested it...The other day...At recess. 
They were being terrible listeners, so we "Listen Up pop quizzed" them when they returned. 
Listen Up! 
We are not messing around...
 We even left one for our sub to do first thing the other day. We just copied the Teacher Talk card onto colored paper and enough worksheets for the class and walked away. Done!

But, probably the best thing that has come of our new, Listen Up! Auditory Activities for Little Listeners so far is the feedback we're getting from you. Thank you!

We are so excited you are excited, and we are so excited you see what we see. 
It's bad. Really, really bad...Right?
We have a Fun Little Tip that's worked great with our class:
After giving your last direction, call on a student to give a direction of their own to the entire class. This gets them listening to one another. 
Did you hear that!?  
We've also had them work pairs to give buddy directions.
Want to see what all the buzz is about?
Here's your chance...
We've created one Listen Up! activity for you to try...FREE!
School Days is our Try Before You Buy...
Click {here} to grab yourself a copy. 
All you have to do is download our Listen Up! Auditory Activities for Little Listeners PREVIEW from our TpT shop. 
Click Print, and give it a try!

For those of you who have purchased already, we have a surprise for you too! We've added Accountability Slips and Recording Tools for those of you who are using Listen Up as an assessment tool.
Our sweet friend Tamara from Mrs. Russel's Room needed something to grade her students on their listening abilities. She made a great little rubric that works for her grading system and shared it with us. We worked it out to a more generic accountability slip to help keep the kids accountable. But, also to keep parents from wondering if those "coloring pages" are really helping their child learn. 
We get it...
We're those moms sometimes too. :)
From time to time, we want to assess how our students' listening skills are coming along. We also want to see how they feel about their own listening skills. So, we created these Accountability Slips to give our class an opportunity to rate their own listening before we score their activity.

We've added the Accountability Slips and Recording Tools to our Listen Up unit, so if you've purchased please head over to update your download and enjoy a few more listening perks! 
Oh, one more thing...
Still listening?
Per your requests... 
We will also be making MORE soon!
We sure hope you were listening...

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. This is AMAZING!!!! I NEED this for some of my monsters! I love how this information can easily be used during a conference with a staff member, parent, or most importantly the student.

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  2. HAH! This is awesome and I love your commentary!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the top photo. Your product looks awesome! I am wondering if you will be developing one for older students because boy oh boy do my fifth graders need some work on listening.

  4. I LOVE this! I do have a question before I try the sample. When you read each task, how long do you give them to complete it before moving on? Do you wait until every students is done or is it a certain time? I have a few poky puppies this year..

  5. Oh my goodness girls...I LOVE your new design! So super cute and updated! It's just so much fun ~ so glad I 'fluttered' in.

  6. Thank you so much for making these. I've been looking for an activity like this, but not sure *exactly* what I needed. This is perfect. I tried out the free one, then immediately bought the set. When I did the free one, with some kids it confirmed exactly what I suspected about their listening skills. With a few others, it was interesting b/c they did better than expected, which leads me to believe they are able to listen well the first time, but not motivated or used to doing so. Can't wait to continue practicing this and help them get better and better!

  7. Thank you so much for all your great ideas and for the giveaway.

  8. Hi! These look great, but many of my ESL students wouldn't know several of the vocabulary words used on the teacher cards on the free download......beret, palette.... Would you teach those ahead of time in a pre discussion of the picture and then still use that vocabulary? Or would you change the vocab to math student background knowledge? Thank you!

    1. Yes for sure! We go over the picture before we begin giving the directions and explain any unknown objects or terms. This is actually really great for ESL students and also for building vocabulary. There are also 2 sets of directions; beginning directions (one step and more basic) and intermediate directions (usually more than one step and a bit more complex).
      Hope that helps clarify. Please feel free to email us if you have more questions.
      Best Regards,
      Christy and Tammy

  9. This is the exact tool I have been looking for! Thank you! I have been using the freebie for 1st grade, even though I teach 2nd,I LOVE it and the kids do too!


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