Interactive Phonics Readers ~ Update

Teaching kids to read is one of our absolute favorite things to do each school day. We love the journey from beginning to end, and all of the bumps in between. 

One of those bumps is mastering phonics skills for some...
So, what else are we teachers to do but meet their needs. Right? 

Our class has been doing an incredible job with our Interactive Phonics Readers these past few weeks. 
These hands-on little books have been giving our developing readers the support they still need to keep practicing their phonics skills, and they provide our fluent readers with an interactive, *fun* way to show what they know in reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension.
We began by using our Long Vowel Interactive Phonics Readers Bundle during our whole group Language Arts block to start. We needed to teach procedure and directions and these were the skills we were learning at the time.

Since each of our Interactive Phonics Readers follows the same procedures and directions, our kids quickly find success no matter which little book we throw their way. 

We have to admit, we love the differentiation between the reader and tracer versions we created. It gives us two styles of books to choose from and more options for meeting our students' needs.
For some of our readers, just reading, highlighting and drawing is enough. 
But for others, they needed a little more interaction with their readers. So, we created them the tracing version so they can practice their printing and fine motor skills too. 
Each of our Interactive Phonics Readers Includes
-Interactive Phonics Reader with Tracing Lines
-Interactive Phonics Reader without Tracing Lines
-Mini Word Walls
-Directions Cards
-Home Reading Reminder
-Reading Reward

We've had lots of requests to add black and white versions of the Word Walls.
Great Idea!

We've updated each set and all 3 of our bundles to include ink friendly word walls too. If you've purchased, please be sure to update your download. If you want to take a closer peek at our Interactive Phonics Readers...
Fluttering Through First Grade

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