Homework Passes for Responsible Classes

When we think of homework, only one thing really comes to our Mommy minds some nights...
Homework, oh homework,
We hate you,
You stink.
We'd rather eat worms or wash our kitchen sink.
Or, something like that... 

If Homework Helping was an Olympic event, we'd probably earn a Gold medal...just saying.

But, truth be told...we do not wish to become Homework Olympians. 
Sometimes it takes away from our family time. It causes fights. It causes stress. Sometimes we don't get it. But, then we are teachers...So, we do get it. Sort of...Sometimes...We guess.
But not really tonight...
The whole time we were helping shuffle papers, flip through textbooks, wipe tears and frantically finish class projects, we first were grateful that we had the opportunity to be moms and do homework with our kids because one day we're going to blink and this will all be gone in a puff of smoke kinda moments...
Followed quickly by a Why don't kids get homework passes anymore?!? kinda moments... 

So, after hours of hitting the books, we tucked in our lil cherubs and made our own dreams come true. 
Which very loosely translates to= we made a new freebie.
Homework Passes for Responsible Classes
 We use homework passes throughout the school year to help build responsibility in our students. 
But again, truth be told...
We like to hook a parent up every now and then too. 

We're BIG on building responsibility young.
Kids can do it, and we like to teach them how they are in charge of them. :)
And when they do spread their wings and fly, we reward them from time to time with just a little time off. 
Kids are working harder than ever these days, and even they need a little R & R. 
Truth be told...Us Moms and Dads appreciate the break too. 

But as teachers, homework is really only about one thing in first grade...
Building responsibility and procedures at home for LSS=Lifelong Study Skills.
Kids need to learn how to learn. 
And, parents need to teach them.
Parents are working harder than ever these days, and even they need a little R & R. 
Are you catching our drift here?
Homework passes, oh homework passes
We love you,
You're swell.
We'd kiss you and hug you
But, never ever throw you in a well.
Or something like that...
Want to reward your responsible class with a homework pass?
Want to hook some parents up? 
Homework Passes for Responsible Classes
Please leave us feedback if you choose to download!

Looking for a few more homework resources? 
Our Editable Homework Folders and Folders for Olders build responsibility, confidence and a strong home-to-school connection all school year long. With over 20 themes to choose from, our homework folders have become a quick class favorite year after year!
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