Southern California Kindergarten Conference!

Have you heard about the Southern California Kindergarten Conference?! It's a two-day conference in Pasadena, California geared toward early childhood educators. If you live in Southern California {or want to come out to visit!} and you teach Pre-School, Pre-K, Transitional K, Kindergarten, or First Grade, this conference is for you! Learn all about teaching Common Core Standards, organizing your classroom, reading and writing tips, classroom management and more!
Want to know the most exciting part?!? Some of your favorite Southern California bloggers {and a very special guest!} will be presenting at this conference on February 28th and March 1st!! Look at all these fabulous bloggers you can meet!
Want to know what we're the most excited about?! Our very first BLOGGER BASH!!! A party?! Yes, thank you!
Come meet your favorite bloggers and enjoy an evening of food, prizes and fun! Each attendee will receive a fabulous dinner, a goodie bag {full of freebies!!!}, and a raffle ticket to enter for some amazing prizes! We will have a short little blogger presentation and then the rest of the time will be for chatting and asking questions! You can purchase your Blogger Bash ticket for only $25 {here} or call (661)297-6900 to reserve your seat!
Are you excited yet??! How about a chance to WIN a FREE registration to the two-day conference?! Well, it's your lucky day! SCKC has generously allowed us to giveaway one free registration to the conference! Enter using the rafflecopter below! The giveaway will end on February 1st and the winner will be announced shortly after!
Print this flyer and hand it out to your fellow early childhood education teachers
A very special thanks to our sponsors!

Dazzle Desks & Marvelous Mats

Do you have kids who like to move and groove when they're supposed to be sitting and working?
We get it, and quite frankly don't really have a problem with it.
Kids are active and they need to move sometimes...Even while learning.
In our classroom, we use it as an incentive.

Dazzle Desks and Marvelous Mats

These plastic lap desks taunt us every time we head to Michaels. We finally grabbed 5 of them on clearance after the holidays and are putting them to good use.
We also grabbed a few bamboo mats at the Dollar Tree. 
We created Marvelous Mat and Dazzle Desk tickets for our class.
As our kids are working in their seats, we keep an eye out for anyone doing a great job. Then, we drop a ticket on their desk and invite them to grab a Marvelous Mat or Dazzle Desk and spread out a little more on the floor to get their work done. 
 We usually let them stay for one working period, then we choose new kids. We keep a class list and cross of each person as they have a turn *secretly*. We try to allow each student an opportunity to  peek their interest the first go around. Then, it's up to them to earn it! Just call us the Marvelous Mat Mavens...Ha!
We're sharing our Marvelous Mat and Dazzle Desk Tickets with you for free! Click the pic to download and give your students the ability to move around a little while they learn.

Teaching Tolerance to Young Children...

There are very few textbooks that we actually kept from college, but this book, "Starting Small: Teaching Tolerance in Preschool and the Early Grades" was one that we've hung onto tightly from our teaching credential class days.  It's stayed on our nightstands for bedtime reading. It's journeyed to soccer practices while we watch our kids and from home to school and back again. 

It moved us before we became teachers and has stuck with us over the years. It's not a program or a Teacher's Guide with dictated lessons. It's a philosophy, an approach to children if you will. 

With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day coming up, this seemed the perfect time to share and raise some awareness on how we can help today's young learner develop a tolerance for others that will hopefully lead to a more peaceful and empathetic way of life...Yes, yes sort of like wishing for World Peace, but like the title of the book states...We're "Starting Small". One child at at time...One classroom at a time...One school at a time. We can keep going, but we're pretty sure you can infer where we're headed. 
It's food for thought...
And, guess what?
It's free food. 
Who doesn't love a free meal?
 You can visit and explore the many resources they have to offer. Sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance has an entire website devoted to educators who care about diversity and respecting differences in our schools. These are lessons that most likely won't be found in the Common Core, but they are lessons that will last a lifetime and as teachers, we feel we are obligated to teach them.  

Educators can order free materials by clicking on the "Film Kits" page from the top, then following the link on the left sidebar.
We ordered ourselves and received a free DVD, which has much of the same information as the book. 
It's a great resource and one that may get you thinking about teaching tolerance in your own classroom.

Mystery Box Winners Revealed!


We've kept you waiting long enough. 
 For Our Grand Prize Winner
-Mailed Mystery Box
-Choice of 1 Digital Item from each of our TpT Shops
-KG Fonts LIFETIME License
 For Each of Our Runner Ups
-Digital Prize Package Delivered to Your Inbox

Winners, please check your emails in the coming days!
You'll have mail...
Stay tuned for more Mystery Box Giveaways!

5 for Friday ~ Polar Vortex Style

We are linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again for Five for Friday.

It was back to the daily grind for these two girls this week.

 All week. 5 full days. 

There is no Polar Vortex here in California.
Not even a sprinkle.
Whatever Jack Frost...

So since our little sweeties have been out of our care for 2 whole weeks, 
we find that we need to do a little "Bootcamp" when they return. 
Enter our latest unit: "Listen Up! Auditory Activities for Little Learners".
Try it out in your class and see what you think. Grab our freebie below.

We jumped right into the new year by practicing our addition facts within ten.
Our Hats for the Snowmen game is the perfect way for them to practice hands on math. 

You can snag this freebie from our Facebook page {here}.
It includes directions, number cards, game mats, recording sheets, and hats for the snowmen...Or, we found black Unifix cubes work great too!

Just click the tab on our Facebook page that looks like this.
You have to like our page to grab the freebies, but once you do, you can grab all our Fan Freebies! 

Looking for some frosty classroom management ideas for winter?
We blogged over at The Primary Chalkboard this week.
We shared several ways we keep our kids from freezing up with their behavior, plus we changed up our Sticker Boards just in time for the Polar Vortex!
But, you'll have to head over to our post over at The Primary Chalkboard to grab yourself a free copy. Leave us a comment over there too and let us know what you do to get your class through these long, cold days.
We'd love for you to follow us over at The Primary Chalkboard too. It's a shared blog between 20 1st and 2nd grade teachers chalk full of ideas for you!
Click {here} to head on over.
Plus, there's a little giveaway that just started for Martin Luther King Jr. Day too!

Our class has been spelling up a storm since September. We are always bringing in fun ways to get them to practice, without really realizing they are practicing.
With us feeling left out of the whole Polar Vortex and all lately, we decided to bring our own shaving cream snow into class. 

Snow Spelling What You Need
-Shaving Cream (any brand, but the foam type, not gel works best)
*We grab ours at the Dollar Stores and keep them on hand. 
-Willing speller

That's it!
Spread the snow on the table in front of you and go to town!
 And spell!
If you spell long enough, the snow starts to disappear and it even cleans your class tables too.
 We also practice math equations and sometimes just free snow draw for a quick brain break.
If you've been hiding under a box it's time to climb out!
Did you hear the news?
The Mystery Box is back with a BANG!
Click {here} to head over and enter for your chance to win.
You really don't want to miss out.
Please, please win for us!
We've never been so excited to be a part of, but bummed to not be eligible for a giveaway.
So, you have to win!
So we can win too!
Good Luck to you!
Be sure to head back over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more 5 for Friday posts. 

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