Class Book Exchange Freebie!

Just in case you missed this post last year, we thought we'd do a little weekend rewind...
We run a Class Book Exchange to celebrate the holidays in class each year.
We send this letter early to give them as much time as possible.
We typically give them about 1-2 weeks to get their books wrapped and turned back into class.

 This year, we will be sending this home a little early as we are attaching it to our last Scholastic Book Order of 2013.
Most parents actually appreciate the easy ordering and the low prices. 
Our Bonus Point Bank is happy to help! 
Of course, all orders are optional...

We also print and cut these little gift tags apart and attach one to each parent letter. 
Yes, we make extras and keep them in a basket by our classroom door...
Ya know, those darn dogs eat A LOT of homework!! 
Just in case...

For those who cannot afford to participate, we have a basket of paperback books we allow them to choose from secretly in class ~ Bonus Points do come in handy! 

If their family is unable to help them wrap, we will bring in some wrapping paper from home and spend time helping them at recess.

There are lots of possibilities for the day of the Exchange, but we opt for Musical Chairs!
No, this is not the Blue Man Group...But, you get the idea.
We start with 1 less chair than the number of kids in our class, hit the holiday tunes, 
and become Queens of the Pause Button!
Each time one friend is out, they can pick a book and then sit, unwrap, share and read!

We keep them engaged by relinquishing a little pause button control and calling kids up to help until all chairs are out!
At the very end, we do let those who might be up for a trade an opportunity to ask their friends to swap.
Some do. Some don't. 
We don't beg.

In older grades, you might opt for a traditional type gift exchange, but this one has worked for us!
 No stealing, or crying or anything.
Just fun!

If you're thinking about doing a Class Book Exchange this year, click {here} to grab our parent letter and gift tags! Send it home, then sit back and let the books roll in! 
One step closer to Winter Break. 
Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. I really like the idea of the book exchange! I have always done a gift exchange, but some gifts are much nicer than others! I may just have to change it up!


  2. This is EXACTLY what I was going to type up this weekend.......but it being my first year in first grade (after 9 years in 5th!), I wasn't sure about the guidelines. Thank you SO VERY much for one less thing I have to stress and worry about!! LOVE the musical chairs idea, too! I am stealing all of it! :)

    1. It is our pleasure Joan! We are so happy we could help. We remember what it's like the first year in first grade! Winter Break will be here soon!
      ~Christy & Tammy


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