5 for Friday Whirlwind

Fridays just keep coming and we just keep opening the door. 
Come right in Friday...
Our welcome mat is dusted and our arms are open wide.
We're linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 fabulously random pieces from our whirlwind of a week.
Picture Day!
That exclamation mark was for effect.
We aren't really that excited.
We spend the week leading up reading some of our favorite stories about taking school pictures.
This year, they adored Mrs. Toggle's Class Picture Day the best.
It's about a teacher who has a really bad hair day and how her students and school try to help her out.
We vowed to all try our best not to have bad hair days for our own school Picture Day.
Unfortunately, the wind had different ideas.
Yep, this year's class photo should be interesting...
All we remember is we had one hand on our dresses and one hand on the dresses of the girls next to us in hopes the camera would not snap more than it was supposed to.
Thank Goodness for Picture retake day?

 Lunch on the go anyone?
Isn't that a given as a teacher?
We needed something quick and easy.
A few teacher friends introduced us to these Chobani Flips.
They have greek yogurt and toppings that you flip into the yogurt.
The Peachy Pistachio with dark chocolate is our favorite. 
It has chocolate.
The end.
We also tried Blueberry Power.
It had a lot of seeds. We felt like birds.
And, we tried Strawberry Sunrise.
By far the most "normal"...just granola and yogurt. 
But, no chocolate.
They're perfect, quick breakfast or lunches. 
This sign hangs above our desk in class.
We love this quote more than all the quotes in Quoteland.
It just sums it all up for us.
The adorable *chevron* clock was just made for us by our amazing Room Mom.
We are loving it! She even put our names on it. 
We hope we never "get divorced". 
It won't be nearly as cute cut in half. HA!

We're becoming real Pros at Buddy Reading in class.
This week, we used our reading anthology and introduced them to our 
They read their story to 3 different friends.
We make them chant three times, "The more I read, the better I read." as they transition to their next friend (Think Dorothy in Oz chanting, "There's no place like home."). They have to find a friend by the third time chanting.

Each time they finish reading, the listener gives the reader a detailed compliment.
No, "That was cool.", "That was good." "That was neat."
"That was cool because I liked the way you read about the little bunny and how you made your voice change when you were reading."
Then, the listener signs the reader's Fluency Building Bookmark.
Click the product cover below for more details. 

We read aloud to our class for 15 minutes each and every day.
They are becoming great listeners and for this slice of our day, they sit quietly, mesmerized by the stories.
So, we thought we'd introduce them to their first chapter book.
This one always seems fitting.
It also gives us an opportunity to discuss appropriate ways to speak because if you know Junie B. Jones, you know she still needs a few years of grammar under her belt.
But, she's in Room One, and we're in Room One.
She's a first grader, and we're first graders.
It's like destiny.
So we read it aloud.
We did not like nor appreciate the way May treated Junie B. throughout the story, so decided to interactive write Junie B. a pep talk letter.

You know how some lessons just happen without any planning whatsoever?
So, we must've blinked or something because before we knew it, our word "awesome" came out as 3 words ~ a we some.
That is so first grade.
And, so Room One.
So, we did what we always do...We started telling them how A We Some they all are.
They giggled.
A lot.
We kept milking it.
 Once we realized the importance of letter spacing in words, and all agreed that we were much more awesome than a we some, we fixed it.
It was a wonderful lesson that wasn't on the lesson plans.
Those are the best.
Like Fridays.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. I'm sure my kidlets would sit still and quiet for hours if I was reading to them - they just love listening to stories! I love looking around and seeing their wide eyes as they are taking it all in. :)

    I popped over to visit you from the linky and am your newest follower. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  2. Love your fluency bookmarks! Adorable. I actually missed picture day this year. Yikes. So retakes will for for be happening in my neck of the woods! I think we will crack open a chapter book in my room soon!
    A Burst of First

  3. Love your note to Junie B. So cute!!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  4. I went to a Cincinnati "Books by the Bank" event today and the "Crazy Hair Day" author was there! I loved reading about your buddy reading compliments. Thanks!
    Curious Firsties

  5. I hate picture day too and dodge it anytime I can. One year they goofed and put one of my students as the teacher! Ha! wonderful post!


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