Winners, Winners! Plus, a Quick Fall Freebie!

What a perfect way to channel our inner Vanna White's debut our new, AMAZING Melonheadz by having us them announce our Centers Through the Seasons Bundle Winners!

Draw the curtain.
Dim the Lights.
May we have the envelopes please?

You're our Centers Through the Seasons Bundle Winners! Congratulations.
Check your email for your prizes.

Behind Door #1...
And, Behind Door #2...
And, Last But Not Least Door #3...

Don't fall over if you're not a winner.
We're all winners here. :)
We've got a little prize for each of you from our Fall into First Grade pack. 
Head over to our TpT Shop and Download our 

You'll find a treat...No tricks. Now included in our Preview is our "Fall is Here" Little Book plus a set of 6 Fall Fluency Building Bookmarks from our Fall into First Grade Common Core Math and Literacy Activities Through the Season. 

Here's What to Do:

~Copy, collate and staple one book for each student
~Brainstorm a list of Fall words for your students to write and illustrate in their little books.
~Copy and cut the Fall Fluency Building Bookmarks
~Give each student a bookmark and have them read their "Fall is Here" Little Book to 5 different people. This can be done in class, at home, or both!

You can learn more about our full Fluency Building Bookmarks product {here} or by searching our blog.

If you're in the market for all things apples, be sure to head over to The Primary Chalkboard all this week
Many of us 1st and 2nd grade bloggers are sharing our apple favorites. 
*Teaser Alert*
We'll be fluttering over there on Saturday with a new juicy freebie too!

Speaking of Teasers...
Have you entered this month's Mystery Box Giveaway yet?
You don't want to miss it.
Click {here} to enter now. 
Good luck!
We know we already posted us them.
But, we are a little head over heels in clip art love with ourselves them.

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. I'd say Melonheadz rocks! Those mini-you's are BEYOND adorable! :)

  2. Thanks so much for making us all winners with your Fall Is Here Freebie.

    Granny Goes to School


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