Call It Fall Y'all!

Did you feel that?
We did.
3.3 seconds of Southern California Fall.
It happened.
Barely, but we're calling it.
The temperature dipped below 90 degrees the other day.
Yes, it was during the daylight...
So, it's official.
We're kicking summer to the curb.
Sunglasses out, scarves in.
 To help us ring in the new season, we're excited to pull out our 
Fall into First Grade
Common Core Math and Literacy Activities for the Season
 We created these activities last year to make our lives easier. 
Truth be told, preparing centers each week takes us forever!
We couldn't do it anymore.
We needed activities at our fingertips.
We chose 15 skills and standards to get us through the season.
 Many of these activities are first trimester benchmarks for our students, so emerging them in daily practice ensures we are covering the skills through our independent work time leading up to report card assessments...Excuse the foul language. We really try to keep this blog clean. ;)

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If you too are looking to make your teacher life easier this year, we've now bundled our  
 Grab them all. 
Save money. 
And, be DONE with centers for the year.
Win. Win. Check!
We'd love to give a few of our
Leave a comment below with your favorite thing about fall.
We'll choose 3 winners at random on Tuesday to win the entire bundle!
Good Luck!!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. My favorite thing about fall is getting to wear hoodies. I LOVE them!

    Come visit me at

  2. I love the ease of your units! I'm intrigued!

  3. I love wearing sweaters and seeing the different colors of leaves!

  4. My favourite thing about Fall is looking forward to Thanksgiving (I'm from Canada so we only have a few more weeks!) and Halloween. Bryn

  5. Is it bad to say, "pumpkin spice latte." :)
    I love your new fall pack.

  6. I love your fall packet! I love being able to wear my sweaters and scarves.

  7. Puyallup, Washington, where I teach, is home to the Western Washington State Fair. The high school football stadium is just blocks away. On clear fall evenings there's a slight chill in the air. I love to sit in the stands and watch the grid iron rivalry. Screams from the roller coaster mingle with the cheers of fans, and the scent of fair burgers drift into the stadium. It's truly a sensory fall paradise!

  8. Lol! I know what you mean about the warm weather - I live in Florida. Having moved here from Ohio, I do miss the cooler temps and the changing leaves. What's not to love about fall? The start of the holiday season, football, pumpkins, favorite season!
    Teachin' First

  9. Ahh.....LOVE wearing shorts and long sleeves and/or sweatshirts. It's the BEST!! :) Love this back and your entire bundle! It would definitely go to good use in my room :)

  10. I love taking the kids pumpkin picking in the fall!

  11. I love so many things about fall!! Love football, scarves, the changing of the leaves and cooler weather! Love your packet and it would be put to good use in my classroom! Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. My favorite thing about Fall is watching the beautiful colours as the trees change and also Autumnal cooking!

  13. I like the leaves turning their beautiful colors! It's my favorite season!

  14. I love fall decorating, trips to the corn maze to pick pumpkins with my babies, and Sam Adams Octoberfest beer. I'm also loving the chance to win this resource!


  15. I love the cooler temperatures!!

  16. I keep falling in love with your awesome products!!!

    One of my most favorite thing about Fall is that it is the 'best' time to 'fall in love' again and again each year thus growing a long lasting love relationship. :) :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to be a winner!!

  17. The best part about fall is wearing sweaters and jackets again. I also love to start decorating for the upcoming holidays.

  18. My fall favorite- most anything pumpkin-flavored! My Firsties and I love all of your products that we have- the Bubble Gum Math is always a hit;-) I'd love to win one of your bundles!!

  19. I love the colors of fall!

  20. I love the smell of cinnamon baking and apple pie and crunchy leaves!

  21. My favorite thing about fall is Thanksgiving. I am thankful to wonderful kids in college and for my job and so many wonderful family members and friends. My husband recently had emergency surgery and the were overwhelmed by the support we received even from people we didn't know ( some were even wonderful bloggers like you offering prayers and support. So I am very thankful now and hopeful that chemotherapy will give me a second chance with my husband.

  22. Fall means football, hot chocolate nights and our annual literacy night!
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms!

  23. Crockpot applesauce with apples fresh from the orchard!

  24. It's a tie between football and pumpkin spice lattes. =) These look like great station activities!

  25. I love warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream, I also love pumpkin lattes!!

  26. Living in New Hampshire there are all kinds of things to live about Fall! My favorite thing would have to be cool fall evenings with a fire in the fireplace and warm blankets with a warm cup of pumpkin coffee. :-)


  27. I love the smells that come with fall and being able to have the windows in the house wide open. My favorite time of year and it really makes me miss being in the mountains!

  28. I love the smell of fires in fire places, apple cider and love the sound of crunching leaving during the fall months! (And the fall colors are pretty nice too!)

  29. My favorite thing about fall is pumpkin bread, warm, cozy sweaters, and Halloween! I love to see the twinkle in my little ones eyes as we start looking for costumes and preparing for their favorite holiday. Our walls get covered with their spooky drawings, it's awesome.

  30. SWEATSHIRTS! & NOT sweating! I want to feel a cool breeze, hear leaves crunching, smell smoke from a fire, and hear the geese flying overhead! I love pumpkin lattes, chilly mornings, & being able to wear rust, pumpkin, & brown! YYYEEEEESSSSS! Wendy

  31. Sweaters, warm and comfy. Long drives oohing and awing over the colorful trees, children jumping in piles of leaves; pumpkin bread.

  32. My favorite thing about Fall is hiking in the Fall Foliage of New England! Best thing about living here :)

    Mindful Rambles

  33. I love the cooler temperatures, football, Halloween and Thanksgiving!
    Great family time

  34. I love when the leaves start to change colors!!!

  35. Ok ladies ~ This is scary! I promise I didn't visit your blog but I posted a kinda similar post...asking pretty much the same question to my followers. GREAT minds THINK alike I guess? I felt that 3.3 seconds of fall the other day too. LOL Can't wait to pull out the scarves and boots though. xoxo

  36. I love the crisp feeling in the air and going out to pick apples and pumpkins!

  37. There is just too much to choose from. :) My favorite thing about fall is warm apple cider. I also LOVE apple cider popsicles. YUMMY! My sister would kill me for saying this (she's in fashion design), but there's nothing better than jeans and a sweatshirt. :)

  38. I love going apple and pumpkin picking at Johnson's Corner Farm!

  39. I Love the cooler weather and the chance to wear sweaters again! It's such a fun time in the classroom as well with apples, pumpkins, Halloween, & Thanksgiving! I would love to win your centers pack to make the season even more fun!


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