Homework Folders...They're Not Just For Home Anymore

We've been scouring the stores.
We're stocking up people.
2 Pocket Folders are our mission.
With Prongs.
Without Prongs.
However many we can grab before hitting our limit. 
Throwing cash at our children, asking them to please help Mommy by purchasing their limit too.
It is not child labor, we assure you...
It's summer math practice.
You know, counting money and such.
Even the cashier complimented us on how "educational" we were.
We blushed.

But, before we used our children as Back to School Sale pawns checked out, something sang out from the Heavens above Aisle 3.
They are file folders.
In every color Roy G. Biv could conjure up.
And they were on Clearance.
You know we nearly fainted. 
Normally, we would just purchase a box of one color for our entire class, but we needed to share a secret with you and wanted as many colors as possible. Score!
We've been using "offices" in our classroom for many years. As much as we wish *some days* this translated to constructing cubicles for each and every student, it doesn't really...But, it's as close as we get. 

And, the fact that we call them "offices" makes the kids feel big. And old. Or, maybe just big...The old part is us. We know this because our old offices have seen better days.
We threw them away at the end of last year.
They go by many names.
Privacy Walls
But, they usually mean the same thing...
Hey You! Be Quiet Behind Your Erected Wall!

They give us teachers power a tool.
They give some kids the power to learn responsibly too.
Even some of our first graders understand when someone is distracting them, and ask to put their offices up.
They are allowed to use them anytime.
Sometimes, they are asked to use them.
Spelling Tests
Timed Math Tests
When they are being too noisy.
When they are being too noisy.
But mainly, when they are being too noisy.

So, when we saw the clearance file folders, we had an idea!
Our class will already be using homework folders this year.
Why not build consistency by providing them with the same resources in class? 

Homework Folders...They're Not Just for Home Anymore.
For many of our kids, we know they can use the supportive resources right in front of them...especially at the beginning of the school year.

We find first grade the perfect time to teach them how to use their surroundings. Use the tools around the classroom. Some students do this naturally...Others need direct instruction on how to use resources.

Lots of us put all these resources on the wall, but for some kids that's too far away. They need closer proximity. So, our Homework Folder Resources are perfect for our class offices too.
Here's how we make them...
 What You'll Need
2 colored file folders
Clear Tape (we used Scotch Shipping Packaging Tape)
Glue Sticks
Homework Folder Resources (TpT Shop)
Paper Cutter to cut Homework Folder Resources
Laminate for Durability (optional) 

What You'll Do

 Choose the Homework Folder theme and elements that best meet your class needs and glue away!
 You can use one side, both sides...The sky's the limit.
We've even made a "My Office" label with 6 different color options to match any of our homework folder themes and you can grab them free by clicking the pics below.

Click to take a closer look at any of our Homework Folder Themes. 

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. Your labels are super cute, thanks for sharing. Where did you find the colored file folders on clearance??? Teaching with Giggles

  2. They look great! So jealous of your file folder finds!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. I love the idea of using the homework folders printables for privacy offices. Time to start printing more of the lovely Butterfly Bliss pages. Thanks for the cute freebies!

  4. Offices? You girls are just pure geniuses! And, where oh where did you find that sale?

  5. I just used my family for the limit 2 per person at Staples. The cashier actually asked my husband, "Are there any more of you". Ha, teachers do what we gotta do for cheap school supplies. Love your folders.
    Primary Paradise

  6. love these! I have been considering making them but always wonder if they will really stand up or just wobble and fall over. Do the kids store them in their desks because I wonder how they would hold up being jammed in a desk. Please share your experiences. Thanks!

  7. These are great! You two are dedicated to spend all that time assembling those! Great job! *I am glad to see your blog is up and running again!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  8. I have used offices for many years...use that name, too. LOVE the resources you put in yours. Were you at Staples????? where those wonderful folders wereon clearance by the pack???? PLEASE tell. Thanks for the freebies!


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