Homework Folders Frenzy!

We're trying so very hard not to look. One day it's summer sizzle, and the next day back to school fizzle.  
Dear Target,
It is summer. 
We do not go back to school for 45 days. 
Forty five.
Thank you.
P.S. We love you. 
P.S.S. A lot.

And then it happened. 
No, not the part where we went to Target two days in a row.

There was good reason. 
Folders everywhere are arriving on shelves and prices are dropping. Now's the time. 

It's an annual summer job for us and one we actually look forward to putting together for our class each year. 
We've been using homework folders for our class for going on 16 years. 
Gulp...16 years. How does that happen?

Last year, we introduced 10 Homework Folders which you can read about {here} and {here} and {here}. 

We've personally used our Under the Sea folder to match our ocean themed classroom for years and our class adores them. They feel so proud. Parents also love the help and reference tool.

By popular demand, we’ve created  
Homework Folders for Olders,
for older primary students this year. They are really designed for 1st-3rd graders, but kick the skills up a notch for our original 10 Homework Folders. 

Introducing 4 new themes for our Homework Folders for Olders

Surf's Up! ~ Surf Theme  

We have learned that many families are very willing to help their children with their homework, but are often uncertain as to how to help.

Our Homework Helpers give families and students a handy helper to guide their children through their first years of homework. Independent students learn to use the resources of the folder to assist themselves with their nightly studies. By providing parents and students with resources at their fingertips which cover many of the foundational Common Core Standards, you will provide families with multiple learning opportunities and reinforcement activities at home. Amazing what a lil’ folder can do!

Included are lots of options for creating your own Homework Folders for Olders. Choose the components that best meet your needs or follow our assembly instructions and sample photos.


This resource includes easy print, chop and stick pages, or you can print the individual page options and design your own folder placement.

What's Included:
1. Individual Name Plates
2. Individual weekly Teacher to Student Homework Letter
3. Individual daily Teacher to Student Homework Letter
4. Individual 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Shapes Cards
5. Combined name plate, weekly homework letter, and shapes card
6. Combined name plate, daily homework letter, and shapes card
7. Individual 100 Words cards
8. Individual Zaner Bloser Printing Cards
9. Individual D‘Nealian Printing Cards
10. Individual Cursive Cards
11. Combined 100 Words card & Zaner Bloser Printing cards
12. Combined 100 Words card & D‘Nealian Printing cards
13. Combined 100 Words card & D‘Nealian Printing cards
14. Combined 200 Number Grid & Place Value Cards
15. Individual Counting Coins Cards
16. Individual Fraction Cards
17. Combined Counting Coins and Fraction cards
18. Sounds and Spellings chart
19. Monthly Homework Calendar Template
20. Weekly Homework Tracker Template 

Visit our TpT Shop to take a closer look. 

Just got the Sunday Target ad, so gotta run! 
It's been 3 days since we've been...Just for the record. 

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  1. I start August 12, so I needed to start shopping! Luckily I have started before a lot of other teachers - there is still good quality and selection. Come the beginning of August, it will look like a tornado went through the store!

  2. Hi girls,
    The homework folders for olders is just too cute and clever! Hope your summer is awesome!!!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After


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