Stuck on Safari!

We've been lost on Safari for over a week the past few weeks! 
So sorry, but the blog service is terrible in those parts. 
Which loosely translates to ~ 
Holy Cow, can we be any busier at the moment?!? 

If you've been following us for awhile, you know we've been exploring all of the habitats since January. However, around this time each year, we stay a little longer in the Savanna to dive into our Social Studies learning all about Africa. As part of our learning, we run a week's worth of Africa Centers. 

We make African masks with colored pasta and a mix of beans. We squeeze a mini lesson on symmetry and patterning in there too. 
We add raffia "hair", an Africa acrostic poem to the backs, and hang them from our ceiling for Open House.
 We paint African Animal T-Shirts. 
 Which we wore on our field trip to the zoo. 
 The meerkats really took notice. 
 Mr. Elephant raised his trunk over them.
 The lady lions were totally gossiping about us. 
 The Macaws...
Well, we weren't too sure how they felt about them (or what exactly they were doing), so we quickly moved along before the G rated field trip turned 50 Shades of Grey...
 The reptiles seemed a bit miffed that they were left out of our animal shirt choices. 
 The elephants reminded them that life is always better with friends. 
 But, of all the amazing animals, we think this guy loved them the best. He or she (we didn't check) was one of two baby giraffes at our local zoo.
Do you have any idea how cute baby giraffes are in real life? 
The End.

Not really...
We learned how to draw giraffes back in the real world class from our Savanna Habitat Unit, which were also on display for 
Open House....
  Once they were all watercolored. :)
We also made rain sticks.
 We order the tubes from Uline and use cut pieces of tissue paper (African colors, of course) and watered down glue. You can also use starch, but we never have it.
We don't iron, so why would we ever need starch? 
We just don't iron have been lost on Safari...Remember? 
 They use sponge brushes and GASP!
Stand on their chairs...
Please do not report us to the Chair Standing Squad. 
The tubes are tall.
They are not. 
We tell them if they fall, tip, teeter, or tot they're off. 
For good. 
In our nice voice. :)
And, for the record, 
no child has ever fallen in the 16 years we've been allowing this. 
They don't dare. 
It's a humongous privledge! 
 Once dry and done, we fill them with packing peanuts and rice.
We seal the ends by hot gluing felt circles on each end and wrap them with twine. 
 We also make a little tag for each one and throw a few pony beads on for OCD purposes fun!
These also go out on their desks for Open House.
Are you catching a theme here?
Africa Learning
Open House
It's not summer for us, in case you were a little confused...
Did you really think we were on a real Safari?
Oh, no...Just in our minds. 
Nope, nuh-uh, no summer for us. 

Just school. 
Yep, uh-huh, good 'ol schooly school...
And, we are A OK with this. 
 Because, we're getting closer...
And, we're no longer lost on Safari...
But, we still won't need starch. 
We really don't iron.



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  1. What did u use to draw the giraffes? Regular crayons?

  2. Oh my goodness! I love those shirts...and am so grateful that you're sharing this! No field trips for us next year...which means no I totally had to pin this so I wouldn't forget your amazing ideas!
    A Pirates Life for Us

  3. You ladies are AMAZING!!! My goodness this post is filled with such amazing stuff!! I think I will try the giraffe painting with my girls! Maybe the rainsticks, too. Oh...and I really like the shirts!!! Heck...we are doing it all! I seriously LOVE it all!!!

  4. Wow! Your kids sure are lucky to have two amazing teachers bring teaching to life! It looks as if everything came together and the kids learned a lot! Well done!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  5. You are so amazing!! I want to be in your class! These all look like so much fun. We learned about Africa the last couple weeks of school, and my kids had so much fun. Definitely going to use some of your fun ideas next year, thanks for sharing! Did you guys draw all of the animals onto their shirts too!? Amazing!

    Jungle Learners

  6. I love everything! The shirts are quite fabulous!!

  7. So filing this away for next year! Did the kids free-draw the animal pics on the shirts, or were they iron-on transfers? don't iron:) How did you make those? I definitely have to incorporate a safari before our zoo trip next year! ! Wow, impressive!

  8. Everything about this post is brilliant! Well done!! I wanna come join your class...

  9. Hi girls,
    We used to study the African Savannahs and make rain sticks too, I miss doing that. Your giraffe pics are my fave because I LOVE giraffes, I mean I have a secret addiction to them starting when I was 4...Don't ask how many I have in my bed...Okay confession over. <3 ya ladies!!!

  10. This is absolutely amazing. The colors and detail are beautiful, and the lions have a very nice character and expression to them. I would love to learn to do digital art to even half this ability. you have serious talent. Thanks all. Best of luck.
    click here


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