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Today's post is brought to you by the letter
Yes, we grew up when Sesame Street was still one of the biggest kid shows on television...

We've been stalking reading everyone's Monday Made It posts for about a year now. 
We've made a lot of things...  
Well, maybe some things.  
Typically, we are pulled away or distracted in some fashion and our Monday Made Its have gone into the Make It When You Can stack stockpile. 

BUT, not today. 
Here we are!
And, we are so excited because we love this linky and 
sweet Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics

Here we are with a completed project for home.
And, we're chalking it up to a fun family one.

Several weeks ago, Mom had an idea...
Turn this bore of a door in our kitchen into a fun family chalking station.
Let's just say, we're not in love with painting anything larger than a coloring book and our heart skips a beat when we do not have numbers to paint by, but we can do it. For our kids...
Plus, this one was a lot easier than Christy's daughter's bedroom from a few months ago.  
She's still picking paint from her nails...

For this project, we grabbed
  Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint
Paint Primer ~ We used Kilz2 because we had it, but use what works best for your painting surface
Paint Roller
Super High End Paint Tray in the form of a Dixie paper plate 
(Just keeping it real. We are not painters, we warned you.)
We taped off all the edges where we would color outside of the lines. :) 
The existing paint on our kitchen door seemed oil based, so we applied a few good coats of primer to start. We had a little helper who joined in.  Once the primer was dry, we started with the chalkboard paint.
 "David Beckham" stopped by to check the progress. :)
About 4-5 coats later, we have a chalkboard door!
Amazing how a little chalkboard paint can change the whole look of this drab corner. 

 Of course the kids love it for drawing, writing and playing
 But we're not going to lie...
 When we said, "Mom had an idea" it was not 
purely innocent.
Amazing how a little piece of chalk can change the whole look of this job we call parenting. :)
Just 4 words parents...
Worked Like A Charm. 
And, you don't need a chalkboard door to do it, but it makes it fun. Kids love checklists!
We followed up with,
Wonderful Wednesday
Think About It Thursday
Fun Friday
Sizzling Saturday
Special Sunday
Magnificent Monday

AND, let us tell you...
The homework was done with no arguments,
Our kids are reading willingly,
Our Earth is being taken care of
Our laundry baskets are empty.
As of this moment. We all know how this hamper thing goes.
They giggled at the "Management" piece, but it got our point across.
They drooled over the prospect of iPad Time, and we relished in the NO COMPLAINING. 

Just yesterday, we thought we'd kick our summer off with a little reflection wall. Just moments after scribbling Summer Is... on the door, the sounds of chalk tapping in feverish response could be heard from the depths of the laundry room... 
What was found was NOT the intention of our Reflection Wall, but the husband took right to it.
Very funny. Very funny.  

Clearly, he missed the memo on 
"Things You Should Not Say to a Teacher Wife 
at the Beginning of Summer".
It was a fun family project that we will enjoy for years to come...
Or, until it needs a repaint. :)

By the way...
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Our blog has been nominated for Top 25 Teacher Mom Blogs again this year. 
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Thanks for your help!

Be sure to head back over to 4th Grade Frolics to check out more Monday Made It  posts.

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  1. Oh my word, I love that door. The doors in my house are also flat surfaces, so this is a project I could do. My 11 year old would love this on her bedroom door. I have a teacher friend who got really ambitious and allowed her 16 year old to do a WHOLE wall in her bedroom. It's a big hit when friends come over. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Primary Paradise

  2. I am so excited about the mystery box giveaway! I hope I win!

    Ms. Cranfill's Class

  3. I love your chalkboard door! I've been considering doing this in our new house, but now I know I have to!

  4. Great door. Love your husband's sense of humor. If you can't tease each other, who can you tease?

    Surfing to Success

  5. Thar door is awesome! Wish I had a place for one...

    Teaching Little Miracles

  6. Your chalkboard idea is soo cool!!!

  7. Neat chalkboard door! Awesome mystery box giveaway! Hope to win!

  8. Great idea! Love the chance at the giveaway too.

  9. Love the mystery box idea!

  10. Love this idea!
    And I love the chalkboard paint!!

    Second Grade Nest

  11. How cute!!! I love your idea of using the chalkboard paint on a door! :) Also, crossing my fingers for the mystery box! Thank you!!

  12. OH my, I love the chalkboard door! What a great way to get kiddos to still be creative! This is going on a potential project list :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees


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