5 for...What Day Is It?!?

We know we're in June...the sixth month of the year...

 We're pretty sure we're well within the 5 for Friday "Slacker Grace Period", so we're linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching once again.

 Things were moving along at warp speed for us, and then just like  getting clotheslined in a vicious game of Red Rover, it was 
School's GONE
Summer's ON!!
We got these as an end of year gift. Best gift ever! 
They're from Pier 1 Imports. Run...

A lot of people have asked what we're most looking forward to about summer?
Ummm...Everything that has nothing to do with school?
No, seriously...
Do you really want to know?
The thing we are most looking forward to about summer is...
NOT packing school lunches every.single.stinking.day.

To end our school year, we decided to go with the theme of 
"Being Tired" for the last full week of school. 
It seemed most fitting.
So, we had Sleepover Week!
This is one of the kiddos' favorite weeks of school...Probably because they get to wear pajamas and lay around on the floor all week they get to hammer in all those first grade skills for one last week of hard, hard work.  
They each brought a bedtime buddy to school on Monday who slept over for the entire week at school.
We cautioned them not to bring someone they would miss at home come bedtime. We are willing to do a lot of things for our class, but meeting parents at school around bedtime to gather their beloved snuggle buddies is not one of them. 
On Tuesday, they brought their favorite bedtime book and a snack that a bear would eat. This kept things pretty healthy. Bears don't eat donuts. Or, brownies. Or, cupcakes. Well, unless they raid your picnic, camper or local trash can, but our bears would never cause that type of mischief. So, we ended up with snacks like raspberries, blueberries, teddy grahams, and goldfish crackers. They enjoyed their stories, snacks and snuggle buddies.
 Wednesday was Teddy Bear Picnic Day. They brought their picnic baskets and blankets and we lunched and lounged in the grass together. A few of our girls took to the concept immediately and chose to use the cucumbers from their lunch for relaxation purposes. 
Thursday was PJ Day! They were allowed to wear their pajamas to school (no slippers) and bring a blanket or beach towel and pillow. We learned on the floor that day. Crazy fun for them and it is absolutely amazing how well they work with the threat possibility of being sent back to their seats if they cannot handle the floor. Amazing... 
We also had our school wide Reading Celebration that day in our Multipurpose Room. Each year, those kids who have met our reading goal for the school year are invited to a special movie. 
All sleepovers have a movie, right?  
After the class had their sleepover and all had left for the day, their buddies went crazy at their own sleepover! 
So much for that "our bears won't cause mischief theory"...
Our class was greeted to a stern warning in the form of a poorly printed red sign on our classroom door which read, 
"Beware of Bears and other Bedtime Buddies!" 
There were construction paper paw prints on the door too.

When they entered, they were shocked to find their buddies had their own sleepover during the night! They giggled and giggled to find what their buddies had been up to. Some were reading. Others were taking a dive in our sticker tub. Once they gathered and cleaned up after their buddies (no maid service in our class), they wrote about it...Of course. :)

It was a fun, exhausting week.
And, just as suspected we were tired...
And, still are...
Father's Day was our last gift making session for first grade. 
We just cannot send them into summer without recognizing good old Dad. 
This year, we made key chains out of Shrinky Dinks.
Super easy! 
You can cut any shape out of the Shrinky Dink film, but we used our Sizzix machine to cut a scallop shaped tag for each student. 

We used the rough style of Shrinky Dinks, so the kids used colored pencils to draw and write on them. If you use the slick style, they can use permanent markers, such as Sharpies. 

We followed the package directions and baked them at 325 degrees.
They curl up mid cooking and give you a mini teacher heart attack  because you have NO time to redo these gifts if those curls don't settle down, 
but then they must sense your anxiety because they flatten back out and life is once again restored.
We grabbed a package of rings and clips from the craft store and attached the finished projects.

They decorated their own gift bags too by drawing a picture of Dad and themselves, and gluing it to a colored construction paper background. They glued it to the front of a good old brown lunch bag and attached a handle to it with 2 pieces of construction paper, one thinner than the other and glued down the middle. 

We gave them all the lunch bags we didn't need anymore because did we happen to mention we don't have to pack any school lunches for 104 days of summer? 
We're kind of excited about it...
We are official Middle School Moms... 
All of our boys graduated from 5th Grade this past week. 

In an effort to relax and get into the full swing of summer, the two of us handle things just a little differently.

Here's how Christy relaxes...
She heads to the Lake.

And, here's how Tammy relaxes...
She got a puppy.
Meet Jack...
Her new summer "job". 
He's crate training and learning that 4:15am is not an appropriate time to wake up for the day...especially in the summer.
So much for relaxing...But, he's worth it.

Be sure to head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to read more fabulous 5 for Fridays...or whatever day it is... 

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. I am already dreading having to pack lunch every day in the fall!

    The bears and PJ party is so much fun! PJ day was and still is my favorite day of the year!

    The shrinky dink key chains are so sweet! They will be treasured by those dads for years!

    Have a very relaxing summer!

    The Polished Teacher

  2. Hi girls,
    Love the shrink dink dad's gift and cheers to summer for sure! Love having our sleepy last week too at my school. Congrats on your boys, too bad we live a bit too far apart. We could all hang out since our boys are the same age. Enjoy your summer. <3 - Don't worry you know I will be stalking you gals this summer so this isn't 'goodbye' :o)

  3. Love the Shrinky Dink key chains. I bet their dads will love them. Where did you buy them from?


    1. April we found that at Michaels but other craft stores have them as well. They are pretty inexpensive and you get quite a bit. We bought them for our own kids to use when we need some summer fun ideas!

  4. Cuteness to the max...the teddy bears, the snack, the kids, the shrinky dinks! You gals are great!
    A Burst of First

  5. I want to be in your classroom! :) I hope you enjoy your summer and not packing lunches. I'm already dreading having to pack another lunch next year because my middle goes to K next year. UGH! Take/share lots of notes on how to survive a middle school child. I'm still a few years away..... but nervous about that age.


  6. What fun you guys had! A super way to end the school year! Your kiddos will always remember that! Have you all have a great summer!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  7. What a fun post! Your kids must love that last week of school! I'd have to buy some new PJs- Mine would scar them for life! Husband's t shirt and old, cozy flannel capris, not school appropriate! Loved reading your blog!

  8. I love your keychains for Father's Day gifts! I'm filing this one away for next year! Have a great summer!

  9. Just wondering re; the keychains. Did each student get half a sheet of the paper? A whole one? 1/4? I am unsure of how small they will shrink too, but I really liked the size yours turned out to be!

    1. We use a die cut that is about 3x5 (a bit smaller than an index card). It gives our key chain the fun decorative shape it has. But you could also just cut the paper into a rectangle or square. Just make sure you punch the hole at the top before shrinking! We also do a bracelet for Mother's Day where we use a 2" circle or square and those come out adorable too! Let us know if you have any further questions. Hope it works out for you!
      ~Christy & Tammy


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