Instagram Insanity!

We have procrastinated long enough...We thought it might go away, but it's not...

We have a confession, and please pardon us because in about 6 words or so our ages will be showing...

We don't get the hash tag thing at all.
It doesn't make sense. 

Last we checked, this so called, "hash tag" thingy was a lazy man's way of writing a number sign or the timeless tic tac toe board. 

When did they come up with "hash tag"?
And, who is sitting back laughing that we all just agreed to this hash tag insanity?

We know we're not alone...We have had many conversations over multiple glasses of wine lemonade with parents our age.
They confess...
They don't get it either. 
We're stumped.

It's our "generation", we think. 
We didn't do this stuff when we were kids... 
We played outside. 
Until dark. 
With no adult supervision. 
Plus, we rode in cars. 
Without seatbelts. 

But now, we have "hash tags"...And, our own kids know way more than us #coolparents #stupidparents...Now this is dangerous! We have got to get with the program, and we think this will help.
So, even though we have no idea what they are or what they do, we'll be hash tagging (Is that mean?) on Instagram with some of our favorite teachers each Tuesday....And, you can join us too! 
 Consider yourself getting in on the "ground floor" with us
 One thing we do love about Instagram is how they can take a picture and turn it into a piece of art. The filters are fun to play with, when the hash tags are too scary not.
  This filter cleaned our garage sale find right up! 
You should've seen it before we edited...
We just wish these filters existed in real life
It would save us a ton of time on house work!

So, we'll see you on Instagram!
Be sure to follow Fluttering1st
and Instagram a photo from your school day each Tuesday.
And then, play tic tac toe by hash tagging it with a lazy man's number sign...

Be sure to head back to 

to join the Instagram insanity!

Fluttering Through First Grade


  1. Hahaha
    I love your post. That gumball machine looks huge! Can't wait to see what you do with it. I can't find you on instagram... Can you share a link?

  2. Never mind I just found you! I'm a little instagram-dummy ;)

    1. Yay! I added it to our post just in case. :)

  3. I just started an Instagram for my teacher's blog and began it today! :)

  4. #instagrammakesmefeeloldcuzidontgetitbutimtrying

  5. Love you guys
    #weareold #iadmitit #iadmititlookslikesomeonedoesn'tknowhowtospell #LOL

  6. But on a more serious note, what the heck is wrong buy 50 instagram likes cheap with this girl at all. A matter of money miss road or fame miss road?


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