Habitats of the World

 Our first thought was, can we PLEASE get a little more green on that little loading bar up there? 
Puh-lease load faster!!
So, while we're waiting impatiently, we'll just take our summer vacation "in our minds" for now...
Habitats of the World
Adorable Earth Graphic by the adorable Krista Wallden

We've been continuing our travels around the world. This week we are zip-lining through our newest Habitat Unit, 
The Rainforest Habitat.
 Our class is loving our habitat learning and truth be told, so are we!
Like our other habitat units, Rainforest includes:
*16 Rainforest Vocabulary Cards
*Blank Bingo Card Master
*5 Pre-made Bingo Cards
*Rainforest Vocabulary Definitions
*Rainforest Mini (8 page) Book
*Fact Finders Page
*Rainforest Definition Worksheet
*Vocabulary Sentence Worksheet
*Sentences Activity
*Scramble Worksheet
*Writing Brainstorm Page
*Writing Final Draft Page
*Monkey Art Project
*List of Common Core Standards for this unit
What we love the most is that though we've changed the habitat on them, the activities of all of our habitat units are similar so the kids already know the directions...which we teachers know is half the battle, especially when Summer is loading...slowly...
Click any of the pics below to take an early Summer Vacation...
Okay, not really, but we would if we could! 

In celebration of Earth Week, and all things pointing to summer vacation, we've put all 5 of our habitat units on sale until this Saturday!
Stock up and save before you hit the beach, or snow, or wherever your summer may go!
Sorry, rhyming curse...again.
 AND, just in case you didn't catch the BIG mysterious news in yesterday's post...click the pic to check out our FUN giveaway and enter for your chance to win our very first Mystery Box!
 Good luck!

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  1. Your habitat units looks amazing! I will have to check them out! I am wanting new ideas for teaching habitats!!

  2. Lovin' these habitat packets . . . FAN-TAB-U-LIS I tell ya! Thanks bunches.

  3. Your habit units and the surprise giveaway look great!


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